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Updated Feb 02, 2024

4 Signs It’s Time Your Business Should Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency

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Kimberlee Leonard, Senior Analyst & Expert on Business Operations

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Many small business owners handle marketing internally, wary of the expense of outsourcing to a digital marketing expert or agency. While this approach may work for a while, you’ll eventually need to up your marketing game. As your business grows, new marketing strategies and opportunities can help generate more sales leads and boost brand awareness.

Knowing when it’s time to get expert help with your marketing plan can be a challenge. We’ll outline four signs that you’re ready for a digital marketing agency and explore the benefits of partnering with professionals. 

Signs you should use a digital marketing agency

Examine the following four signs to determine whether or not it’s time to bring in expert marketing assistance. 

1. Your current marketing strategy isn’t drawing quality leads.

If your business isn’t amassing new leads and customers, the most likely reason is that they haven’t heard of you. People who are unfamiliar with your products and services are unlikely to stumble on your business, even if your offerings would be ideal problem-solvers for them. 

Generating quality sales leads is crucial for a business’s survival. If your influx of prospects and new customers is slow or non-existent, it’s likely that your marketing and advertising strategies could use help. 

Your current ads may be unenticing, or you may not be running ads at all. Maybe you’re not taking advantage of social media marketing strategies that would place your business in front of its target audience. Whatever the reason for your stagnant customer growth, a marketing agency or expert can help you reach the people most likely to buy your products and services, boosting lead generation and ultimately increasing sales

Did You Know?Did you know

A marketing agency can help you pinpoint your target audience to create personalized campaigns that draw the people most likely to buy your products and services.

2. You don’t know much about marketing.

You’re a business owner with unique talents and strengths. If marketing isn’t one of them, that’s OK. It’s standard for businesses to outsource functions like HR, shipping, customer service and more to free up internal resources. Outsourcing your marketing to an expert is a smart strategy when your attention is better spent on other aspects of your business. 

Many highly qualified marketing agencies and experts can assist your business with the following strategies:

Your professional marketing partners will create strategies to help your business face whatever issues it’s up against. Their insights are invaluable, and you’ll be free to focus on running your business.

3. You’re struggling to define your brand.

Branding is crucial. Consider your shoes, clothing, smartphone, computer, and other everyday items. You’re likely surrounded by purchases informed by your brand perceptions. 

Can you define your brand? If nothing comes to mind immediately, your brand could probably be stronger. Brand-building marketing agencies – particularly digital marketing specialists – will specifically address branding issues to help you develop a clear identity. They’ll work with you to boost your brand’s visibility so potential customers see you and seek out your products and services. 

TipBottom line

Your branding should tell your company’s story. For example, your mission and vision statements should resonate with your customers, and your website’s About page can share your company’s struggles and achievements.

4. Your marketing budget is lower than you’d like.

A small marketing budget can indicate two things: you’re not prioritizing marketing, or your profits prohibit an adequate marketing investment. In either case, a marketing agency can help.

Unfortunately, your products and services won’t sell themselves. They need visibility and expert strategies to ensure the right people see them and resonate with them. Marketing agencies can work within your budget constraints to help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. As you find success and your profits increase, you can increase your marketing budget and explore additional channels and platforms. 

Your business will struggle if you lack marketing and advertising strategies. When you have expert marketing on your side, you improve your chances of success. 

The benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency

Business owners will find many genuine benefits when working with a digital marketing agency, including the following: 

  • A marketing agency will understand the latest trends. Digital marketers are up to date on the latest online marketing and advertising trends. Thanks to frequent algorithm changes, social media platforms and search engines are constantly evolving, so digital marketing strategies must also evolve to stay effective. Your digital marketing agency’s job is to stay abreast of new trends to get you the best results. The agency will understand things like Instagram best practices, running promoted tweets on Twitter, holding Facebook Live Q&As and much more.  
  • A marketing agency brings you a reliable team accountable for your success. A good digital marketer will answer any questions and concerns about your marketing campaign. You may wonder about success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), or worry about how to craft campaign messaging. Your marketer will listen to and address your concerns. Additionally, they’ll send detailed reports on each campaign’s success and effectiveness. You’ll be able to measure your digital marketing campaigns’ ROI so you can best direct your marketing funds. 
  • A marketing agency lets you focus on growth. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you can focus on what you do best – growing the company. You no longer need to try to be an advertising expert. You’ll free up time and energy to focus on other areas of the business. In fact, most companies using a digital marketing agency need that extra time to deliver their products and services to a whole batch of new customers generated from new campaigns. 
  • A marketing agency helps you gain objectivity. When you have a third party developing a campaign, they see your business with fresh eyes. They aren’t attached to every nuance of it as you are. This brings in objectivity you couldn’t have otherwise. It may be eye-opening to you to see how an outsider views your company’s products or services. This insight can trickle into other areas of your business as you develop new products or services that meet consumers’ needs. 
TipBottom line

Ask the digital marketing agency what social media metrics and other analytics tools they use to gauge campaigns’ success. Ask for regular reports to monitor progress.

Build your business with a marketing partner

There’s no guarantee of success in any business. However, improving your marketing and advertising strategies can get your products and services in front of more potential customers, boosting sales and increasing your chances of success. If marketing isn’t your area of expertise, consult with professionals to create a plan that will meet your goals. 

author image
Kimberlee Leonard, Senior Analyst & Expert on Business Operations
Kimberlee Leonard is an insurance expert who guides business owners through the complicated world of business insurance. A former State Farm agency owner herself, Leonard started her decades-long career as a financial consultant advising on investment strategies before switching her focus to insurance and risk mitigation for businesses. Leonard has developed insurance primers on everything from small business insurance costs to specific policies, such as excess liability insurance. She has also reviewed business software tools, analyzed employee retirement plan providers and continues to share insights on financial topics as they relate to business. Leonard's work has been published in Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, Fortune, Newsweek and other respected outlets.
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