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Best Uses for Tablets at Your Restaurant

ByWhitney Sanchez, writer
Mar 16, 2017
> Business Basics

Save time, money and improve the customer's experience with tablets.

A tablet can be an amazingly powerful tool that can greatly improve the flow of your restaurant. For years, it has been common for small businesses, such as vendors at farmers' markets, to use a tablet when making sales on location. However, tablets can do so much more. They can be used for all types of restaurant management needs.  

Replace Your Menus

You can use a tablet to replace your traditional printed menus, and there are plenty of pre-made options already out there such as eMenu Pro and MenuPad. This can save you money in printing and reprinting. It also allows you to be agile in keeping a seasonal menu. 

If you place a few tablets near the entrance of your restaurant customers can review your menu before they get seated or to the counter. Sit down establishments might want to place a tablet at every table and let customers order directly from their seats, which can mean diners might get served faster than relying exclusively on overworked servers. And when people get served faster, you can turn over more tables more quickly.

For restaurants with large wine lists, tablet menus can hold so much more information than you can get in a paper menu. With apps like WineStein, you can get a guided tour of a wine list separated by grape variety and climate zone. It can offer up tasting notes written by your sommelier as well as food pairing suggestions. Apps like Aptito Menu, diners can even request a server's attention or even ask to speak directly to the chef, which can improve upon a customer's experience.

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Replace Your Register

Tablets can easily replace your traditional point of sale (POS) system that takes up so much of your counter space. Tablets are flexible and easy to update. When a new, more secure software version is released it's very simple to download it.

Tablet registers do not require a lot of hardware. You need your tablet and a card reader, so that you can accept credit card payments, but that's all that's essential. Of course, stands and protective cases or styluses aren't out of the question, but they aren't absolutely necessary. 

Finally, tablet cash registers are portable. If you have a sit-down restaurant, you can take your tablet to the tables and take your customers' payments while they are seated. This streamlines the payment process for your staff and diners, which can mean more money for you.   

Run Your Business Software

Using a tablet helps you track your business inventory, vendors and other processes. Popular software that you need to run your business is available on tablets. You can also download accounting software to track your business expenses and use for payroll. If you have delivery drivers, you can even download fleet management software to your tablet and track your drivers while they are on deliveries. It can even help with inventory, using the tablet's camera to quickly track what's on the shelves and in the freezer.

Using a tablet can help you run your restaurant more smoothly. You can offer features that help customers, like digital menus and table-side ordering. You can also use your tablet as a register and to management business. Popular business management software includes POS systems and accounting software, which are each necessary for the long-term success of your restaurant.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

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Whitney Sanchez
Whitney Sanchez
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I am a dedicated business writer with a background in marketing and public relations. My goal as a writer is to ensure the content I am creating is meeting the needs of the reader and providing them with the best possible information. Feel free to get in touch with me or follow me on Twitter!
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