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How to Increase Webinar Sign-Ups and Attendance

Jared Atchison
Jun 16, 2019

Hosting webinars can be a big boost to your business.

If you are questioning how to increase your brand awareness and give an overall boost to your business, hosting webinars could be the answer. A webinar is an online seminar in the form of a presentation where the host can speak to their audience while simultaneously showing them content.

Webinars can do wonders for your brand. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 66% of marketers consider webinars to be an effective tactic used in their conversion strategy. They’re a great way to strengthen your company’s credibility, encourage visitors to sign up for your email list and improve your lead generation. If you do it right, you’ll see all the benefits it can bring your business.

One key to hosting a successful webinar is ensuring people tune in. Here are several ways to increase the number of people who sign up for your webinar.

1. Choose the right topic.

Choose a subject that resonates with your audience. The most important thing is that whatever you present has value and helps them in some way. It doesn’t make sense to host a webinar on a topic that’s irrelevant to your audience or doesn’t correlate with their interests. 

You need to conduct research to figure out what topics your audience is currently interested in or wants to know more about. Send out a customer survey or questionnaire to your audience asking them what they’d like to know more about. Email your subscribers for suggestions on what they’d like to see. Conduct keyword research to see what topics people in your niche are searching on Google so you can answer their questions.

2. Promote it well in advance.

You might think informing your audience about your webinar a couple of days in advance is enough to guarantee a taken seat, but don’t be fooled. People lead busy lives and are forgetful on top of that, so a quick reminder beforehand won’t do much for your attendance record. If you’re going to host a successful webinar, you need to promote it well in advance.

Give yourself at least a couple weeks to promote your upcoming webinar. Take advantage of all the avenues available to tell people about the event. Email your subscribers ahead of time and give the details about when it’ll take place and what topic you’ll cover. Use your business’s social media accounts to post content promoting your webinar so your followers can see.

3. Create a user-friendly registration page.

You need to keep track of attendance so you know exactly what to expect the day of the webinar. To increase the number of attendees, create a user-friendly registration page that’s easy to navigate. The best way to guarantee the most sign-ups you can is by giving your audience a positive UX that doesn’t leave them frustrated or ready to bounce from the page.

Optimize your opt-in form by minimizing the number of form fields so the process of getting users’ information is simple. The more you make people do, the fewer chances there are of them actually performing that action. In this scenario, less is more. Include a call to action that stands out and sends the right message so users are inclined to click through and give you their information.

4. Send a reminder the day of.

Naturally, people are forgetful beings. It’s not always certain that every person who signed up for your webinar will attend, as it may have slipped their mind. To increase your chances of more people showing up, send a reminder email the day of the webinar to everyone who registered. It’s best to do so at least a couple hours beforehand so people can set a mental note for that exact time. It also helps new subscribers get acquainted with your brand and feel familiar with your business. A reminder email can go a long way if you time it right.

Hosting a webinar for your business is a highly beneficial tactic you can use to boost all areas of your brand. It can help you capture email addresses, generate leads, create interest around your brand, and further your reach simply by holding a presentation. It allows people to see you as a thought leader in your industry and look to you for the best and most current information. If you can teach people something new, they’ll value that and continue coming back to your webinars.

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