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Latest: Advice, Tips and Resources

How to Survive Working 12-Hour Shifts
By Max Freedman | April 10, 2024

Some professions, like truck drivers, nurses and police officers, require long shifts due to on-the-job duties. Learn tips for surviving 12-hour shifts.

Workplace Stress and Anxiety After COVID-19
By Jennifer Dublino | April 10, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic was stressful for many. Learn about stress in the workplace today and how to deal with its lingering effects and accompanying anxiety.

20 Top Career Paths for Tech Geeks: Which One Is Right for You?
By Mark Fairlie | April 10, 2024

There's a shortage of tech talent in America today. This is a job seekers' market, with wages rising. Learn what positions are needed.

Dan Lyons The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut
Dan Lyons on “The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut”
By Lauren Vino | April 10, 2024

Silence is golden.

Does Working From Home Save Companies Money?
By Baruch Silvermann | April 10, 2024

After the pandemic created a remote work shift, working from home became common. Learn how remote work can save a company money and bring other benefits.

Here’s What Employees Actually Want From a Leader
By Julie Thompson | April 10, 2024

Employees seek specific traits in their leaders, including communication skills. Learn what traits and behaviors to hone to become a more effective leader.

C-Suite Job Titles: What Do They Really Mean?
By Steven McConnell | April 10, 2024

New C-suite job titles can be confusing. Here's a breakdown of traditional and modern C-suite roles and why job titles must adapt to a changing workforce.

Line of people walking toward a red, square hole
Great Resignation, Great Regret: Was Quitting Your Job a Big Mistake?
By Dan Ketchum | April 04, 2024

Learn why many employees are wishing they would have stayed put during the Great Resignation.

How Women-Owned Businesses Can Use Social Media Marketing
By Ryan Ayers | April 04, 2024

How women-owned companies can highlight their business’s unique features using social media marketing.

The Importance of Self-Care for Productivity in an Office Environment
By Skye Schooley | March 25, 2024

Learn self-care strategies and techniques that can increase your productivity and happiness at work.

Happy coworkers
15 Tips to Become an Extrovert
By Sean Peek | March 12, 2024

Becoming more of an extrovert can help you in the business world, better engaging your team and customers. Follow these tips to do it most naturally.

Guide to Marketing Certifications
By Max Freedman | March 12, 2024

Marketing certificates bolster your digital and traditional marketing skills and job prospects. Learn about marketing certifications and which are best.

Master of Change book cover
Master of Change Author Brad Stulberg Wants You to Learn “Rugged Flexibility”
By Carolyn Neuhausen | February 14, 2024

Stulberg explains how entrepreneurs can overcome life’s inevitable setbacks.

5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Predicts Your Success
By Blair Nicole Natasi | February 13, 2024

Learn the different ways high emotional intelligence can predict your success in the business world.

person overlooking palm trees and a beach
The Best Time of the Year to Take Vacation
By Jennifer Post | February 12, 2024

Don't waste your time off. Plan to make the most of your vacation without leaving a disaster at work.

Quit Your Day Job for Your Startup: 5 Steps to Success
By Sammi Caramela | February 02, 2024

It can be scary transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship. Here's how to make it easier and increase your chance of startup success.

50 Inspiring Quotes From Trailblazing Women We Admire
By Sean Peek | January 17, 2024

These quotes from women who paved the way in their respective fields can serve as inspiring motivational tools to keep working towards your goals.

Alice Everdeen
From Content Manager to Stay-at-Home Voiceover Actor
By Dan Ketchum | January 03, 2024

Forget a 9-to-5 in a traditional office. Former content manager Alice Everdeen shares how an old school bus became her new place of work – and her home.

Manager talking to a room full of colleagues
Should Companies Take Stances on Social Issues?
By Chad Brooks | January 03, 2024
Businesswoman looking at a line chart on a computer screen
In the Can: 5 Types of Presentations Every CEO Needs to Have
By Julie Thompson | November 06, 2023

CEOs must be able to speak for their companies at crucial junctions. Learn how to prepare an investor pitch, board meeting update, vision pitch and more.

The Skills You Need to Be a Successful Remote Employee
By Chris Christoff | November 06, 2023

While working remotely may sound enticing, these positions require employees to have these skill sets in order to be productive.

The Psychology of Organizational Change: How Neuroscience Can Help Leaders
By Jennifer Dublino | November 02, 2023

Neuroscience can help leaders create organizational and company culture-related changes. Learn how to use neuromarketing insights in your business.

happy office
11 Types of Courses That Prepare You for the Future of Business
By Sean Peek | October 31, 2023

Whether your business knowledge is beginner or advanced, these professional development resources will take your expertise to greater heights.

person reading a book
Best Leadership Books for Small Business Owners
By Sean Peek | October 30, 2023

Building your bookshelf is an important step in building your business. These books can help you become a better leader for your company.

13 Things to Include in Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
By Sean Peek | October 27, 2023

Use these 13 tips and tricks and your next visual presentation will get its key point across to the audience easily.

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent movie still
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Due Diligence Is a Wait You Must Bear
By Ali Saleh | October 03, 2023

Due Diligence Is a Wait You Must Bear

man and woman with a heart
How Entrepreneurs’ Time-Management Skills Can Apply to Dating
By Ali Saleh | October 03, 2023

Can entrepreneurs find time for romance?

Management Theory of Charles Handy
By Miranda Fraraccio | September 21, 2023

The theories of Charles Handy have had a powerful effect on modern management thinking. Here is what you need to know.

5 Best Digital Marketing Certifications
By Kim Lindros | July 31, 2023

Digital marketing specialists are in demand and getting average salaries of $64,000. Find out the qualifications you need to get ahead in this job market.

Best Business Certifications of 2023
By Sean Peek | July 31, 2023

A business certification can take your career to the next level, making your skills stand out and helping you get the right salary.