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Is multitasking good or bad for productivity?
By Tom Torrence | 29 Answers | Last Activity on November 30, 2020

I have always been good at multitasking, but I have recently had a debate with a friend who said multitasking is actually inefficient. I believe that I can get a lot more done when multitasking, but...

Is it more important to hire a lawyer or accountant?
By Colette Hamilton | 44 Answers | Last Activity on November 30, 2020

As a small business, is it more important to get the advice of a lawyer or accountant. There are various questions, such as our choice of legal entity and making sure we are taking the right steps...

How do you balance working from home while also taking care of your children?
By Skye Schooley | 15 Answers | Last Activity on November 28, 2020

How do you navigate a new work-from-home policy while also taking care of children at home? Please list any tips or resources that have been helpful for you to teach (and tame) your kids while also...

How can I improve my education institute?
By Mohamed Akram | 12 Answers | Last Activity on November 27, 2020

I am a director of an education institute. Any one with experience please share me ideas as to how I can improve the institute.

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?
By vamsi kvs | 100 Answers | Last Activity on November 25, 2020

I want to know the basic difference between Sales and Marketing?

10 Ways to Build Morale While Working From Home
By Daglar Cizmeci | November 25, 2020

Morale is a fundamental aspect of productivity and employee engagement. Without it, output drops, operation costs increase, and staff turnover racks up.

What's the best marketing/CRM tool for a startup?
By Anonymous User | 4 Answers | Last Activity on November 25, 2020

Hi All, We are looking for a product that fits our marketing requirements but many of those available are typically geared towards sales CRM. Do you have some suggestions on any tools? We don't...

What are the potential business verticals can be started post Covid period?
By Shibu George | 3 Answers | Last Activity on November 22, 2020

I want to venture into most potential business verticals during / after corona virus period. Please suggest. Thank you.

What business I choose amid COVID?
By Rakesh Kumar | 6 Answers | Last Activity on November 20, 2020

Hi All, I would like to know about the business ideas that can survive in any pandemic. Please share so that I can choose accordingly.

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What are the entrepreneurial roots of success for small businesses entering a crowded market?
By Michellyn Miner | 16 Answers | Last Activity on November 17, 2020

My husband and I are moving to Central Florida next summer and are looking to open a gym & yoga studio. I am a registered yoga instructor in Vermont and my husband has helped his best friend open his...

How do you deliver excellent customer service in your business?
By Denise Mock | 135 Answers | Last Activity on November 16, 2020

Looking for advice from people who serve people well. Customer service is something that ensures our customers hang out, continue to buy from us, and keep coming back.

How can I manage multiple web projects with a deadline without outsourcing?
By Godwin Anyamele | 15 Answers | Last Activity on November 16, 2020

I don't have money to invest in outsourcing. Beside outsourcing, what is the most effective way of complete 20 website design projects that are fully monetized and traffic generation optimized on or...

How LaFlore Paris Became the Most-Funded Female-Owned Business on Kickstarter
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 16, 2020

LaFlore Paris co-founder Natacha Seroussi shares her tips on being successful on crowdfunding sites.

Pros and Cons of Offering Tuition Reimbursement
By Skye Schooley | November 13, 2020

Learn about the pros and cons of reimbursing your employees for tuition to determine if this type of program is right for your business.

What are the first steps to turning a hobby into a business?
By Deana Andriolo | 20 Answers | Last Activity on November 10, 2020

I want to turn my storybook album hobby into a business. I think I have enough interest from the referrals I am getting, but not sure where else to start. Do I need a formal business plan, should I...

Outsourcing - is it good for a startup?
By Arjun Thakuri | 28 Answers | Last Activity on November 06, 2020
How do I start with my new business?
By Serge Dagher | 26 Answers | Last Activity on November 05, 2020

I am eager to start my own business and enter the market, but I am facing a problem in deciding what kind of business would that be. I can't decide what type of market interests me or what types of...

Who should write your business plan?
By Heather Donovan | 37 Answers | Last Activity on November 03, 2020

My husband and I recently bought a food truck for healthy cuisine on-the-go. We've done a few 'soft opens' the past few weekends at smaller venues, but have yet to go anywhere that would attract too...

How do I calculate how many techs are required to work in tech support for 24/7 operation?
By Sharon Cholfin | 5 Answers | Last Activity on October 30, 2020

I am trying to determine the correct head count for the help desk. We are a 24/7 operation and tickets are being either missed or not closed out. I have done some research on this, and can't find a...

Why Your To-Do List Isn't Working (and the Agile Tools You Should Use Instead)
By Andrea Fryrear | October 30, 2020

Traditional to-do lists can't help us navigate an ever-shifting mountain of work, because they don't force us to focus on what really matters. Here's the Agile way to really get things done in four...

As a new company, what is the most effective way of networking for new clients?
By Andrea Hart | 24 Answers | Last Activity on October 29, 2020

Worked in several different industries all over the world and specializing in document control, writing procedures/job instructions/ manuals, cleaning up electronic filing systems and streamlining...

What's the best book on leadership and motivating your team?
By Mary-Alice Miller | 67 Answers | Last Activity on October 29, 2020

There are a ton of books out there on the subject, but does anyone have any recommendations. I've heard the Balanced Scorecard is good, as well as Seth Godin's Tribes, though they probably are...

How to Become a Freelancer
By Arjun Kohli | October 28, 2020

Freelancers have a ton of freedom in their careers. Here are seven steps to take to become a freelancer.

How much capital would I need to start an ecommerce business from home?
By Kevin Elias | 24 Answers | Last Activity on October 28, 2020

I recently graduated with a Business Computing degree and would now like to apply my knowledge and skills to starting my own ecommerce business from home. How much capital would I need?

Leadership Tips for Managing a (New) Remote Team
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 26, 2020

If you're suddenly managing your team remotely, these tips can help you communicate effectively, calm fears and keep your business running smoothly.

Tricks for Memorization: Wow Them With Your Next Speech
By Anthony Metivier | October 26, 2020

For some, the prospect of delivering a memorized public speech seems nearly impossible. The Memory Palace method, however, can be an indispensable tool for delivering a focused, effective speech.

What's the best way to deal with non-paying or late-paying clients?
By Colette Hamilton | 118 Answers | Last Activity on October 26, 2020

I've recently had to deal with clients who pay extremely late or simply avoid paying us entirely. I'd like to try to avoid lawsuits, and I'd also like to maintain as positive a relationship as...

What is your favorite business book?
By Anonymous User | 139 Answers | Last Activity on October 22, 2020

It may not be a book directly related to business but whose underlying principles, themes or statements have proved invaluable to your career/business/personal development.

Should You Let Employees Choose Their Own Job Titles?
By Mona Bushnell | October 19, 2020

Create relevant job titles for roles in your business, attract and retain top talent, and foster a positive company culture.