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BambooHR Time and Attendance Review

Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale

The best HR software is focused on making it simple for employees, managers and human resources administrators to accurately and efficiently track employee time and attendance. Small and midsize businesses that are searching for a comprehensive HR platform that's capable of streamlining all of their human resources tasks with the help of powerful automation tools should consider BambooHR. This easy-to-use platform eliminates many time-consuming and costly repetitive tasks for HR administrators, makes it very easy for hourly employees to clock in and out, and even helps track progress on projects and tasks. All of the major tools and features are accessible through the BambooHR mobile app, which makes it even easier for everyone at your company to keep their records up to date.

BambooHR Time and Attendance

BambooHR Time and Attendance

The Verdict

BambooHR makes time and attendance tracking easy and efficient with many helpful automated workflows available to streamline everything from onboarding to payroll processing.

BambooHR Time and Attendance Editor's Score: 9.6/10

Ease of use 9.5/10
Features 9.9/10
Integrations 9.4/10
Pricing 8.9/10
Customer service 9.4/10

Why We Chose BambooHR Time and Attendance for Automation

BambooHR stands out in a competitive field thanks to its easy-to-use custom workflows that let HR managers automate and delegate repetitive tasks. The wide array of available timesaving workflows ensures that HR teams and managers can focus their attention on high-value activities, such as employee engagement and retention. The platform also includes a number of self-service functions that empower employees to review and update their information without help from the HR team. 

Bottom LineBottom Line: BambooHR is comprehensive HR software that does much more than help with time and attendance or scheduling.

You can customize which features each employee can access

What We Like About BambooHR Time and Attendance

  • A long list of workflow templates makes it quick and easy to automate most repetitive HR tasks. 
  • The data-entry load can be shared among employees and managers to save time and increase accuracy.
  • BambooHR's internal payroll service add-on helps streamline tasks such as paying employees and preparing payroll taxes and year-end filings.

What We Don't Like About BambooHR Time and Attendance

  • Compared with other providers, BambooHR lacks advanced scheduling features to support hourly workers with irregular shifts.
  • Many features, such as time tracking, require a separate add-on to your regular subscription fees.
  • The lack of transparent pricing makes it difficult to compare BambooHR with similar services.

Ease of Use

Bamboo HR's easy-to-use dashboard and workflow templates make this software popular with small and midsize businesses. When employees log in to their account from a computer or mobile device, they can do things such as clock in and out with a single click, view their hours worked, schedule time off, access old timesheets, update personal information, and even request a promotion or an increase in compensation, all without the help of an HR administrator or manager.

With BambooHR, you can track projects to see exactly where your resources are being spent.

For HR professionals, automating a standard process, such as onboarding new hires, is incredibly simple with BambooHR's preconfigured templates. Anyone can customize these templates by using the simple drop-down menus to add new tasks or approvals. We like how new hires are guided through their data-entry process with checklist items and reminders to ensure they're ready to hit the ground running on their first day in their new role. Although configuring the perfect workflow or approval process may take some time initially, having an efficient system can allow managers to focus their time and attention on items that affect revenue and their employees' satisfaction and productivity. 

Bottom LineBottom Line: BambooHR excels in automating many time-consuming and repetitive tasks beyond employee scheduling and time tracking.


BambooHR is comprehensive HR software with a robust set of features and tools for employee management, employee self-service, payroll, time tracking, performance management, hiring, reporting, and much more.


As a comprehensive HR platform, BambooHR makes automating repetitive tasks seamless, thanks to prebuilt and customizable workflows and approvals for a long list of HR processes and tasks. Key areas of time and attendance automation include time tracking, timesheet approvals, payroll, paid time off (PTO) management, and time and attendance report generation, and the software provides appropriate notifications every step of the way. 

BambooHR's easy-to-use automated workflows are also helpful in streamlining new applicants, onboarding, compensation, benefits, promotions, new equipment purchases, expense reimbursements and more. Administrators can designate up to five individuals or levels for the approval chain, with custom paths based on department, division and location. 

Managers can approve employee timecards with one click.

Time Tracking

Available as an add-on to the Essentials or Advantage service plans, this set of time and attendance tools lets you track employee hours (regular, overtime and holiday) in detail, establish efficient workflows and approvals, and export accurate reports for use with popular third-party payroll systems. BambooHR also automatically takes care of complicated overtime calculations that may vary by state, to ensure your company remains compliant no matter where your remote employees are working.

Employees can use the time tracking widget from their home dashboard to clock in and out, as well as add notes about the work they've completed for the day. If your company allows it, employees may instead enter the number of hours they plan to work or have worked during a shift. The end of each pay period is worry-free, thanks to helpful reminders for employees to input the correct hours for the period. 

On the management side, admins receive notifications that their employees' timesheets have been submitted and are ready for approval – a process that can be completed for each timesheet or for the whole company with one click. 

Track your team's anonymous survey results over time to see how your initiatives affect your staff.

Employee Satisfaction With eNSP

One of the most important reasons companies look toward automation to lighten the HR workload is to free managers of tedious and time-consuming work that doesn't directly impact revenue. With the busywork out of the way, managers and executive teams can take advantage of anonymous, open-ended feedback, with questions designed to provide valuable insight into how employees feel about their work and organization. We were impressed with how BambooHR's employee satisfaction tools give an immediate, trusted engagement score that includes a detailed understanding of the opinions and feelings behind it. Companies can use this data to make meaningful changes and track progress over time. Tools like these are among the added benefits you get when choosing a complete HR platform, like BambooHR, as opposed to a stand alone time and attendance platform. 

FYIFYI: Advantage plan subscribers can help nurture employee development and improve company culture by keeping a finger on the pulse of their team's overall satisfaction.


BambooHR is an all-in-one human resources platform that does much more than track time and attendance. The two core HR packages, Essentials and Advantage, cover tasks as varied as benefits tracking, time-off management, onboarding and full-service employee payroll tax filings

The Essentials plan includes features like HR reporting, time-off management, benefits tracking, records retention and document storage. The Advantage plan also includes the eNPS tools, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding and offboarding services.

Implementing the full suite of time tracking features requires a separate add-on regardless of your service plan. With this add-on, you get access to daily time-entry services, employee timesheets, automatic reminders, approval workflow, automatic overtime calculations and reports for payroll.

Unfortunately, you will have to reach out to a sales agent for pricing information, as the company does not list prices publicly. During our research, we were able to determine that BambooHR's entry-level Essentials plan starts at around $5 per user per month, but your rate could be different. We highly recommend taking advantage of the seven-day trial that's loaded with sample employee data to preview the platform's features, tools and capabilities. 


The level of difficulty in setting up BambooHR depends largely on the size of your company and the complexity of workflows and approvals. However, most customers should expect full implementation to take between four and six weeks. BambooHR notes that most customers opt for the implementation service, during which your designated HR lead participates in a couple of hour-long calls each week with a dedicated implementation specialist.

Small companies with fewer than 20 employees can typically utilize BambooHR's QuickStart process, which consists of a series of guided setup videos that cover everything you need to get your account up and running smoothly. If saving money is a priority, we recommend spending some time with the free trial and attending the available QuickStart office hours to determine if you will require the company's implementation services. 

Customer Support

All customers can reach a support agent by email Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET. However, phone support is available only with the higher-priced Advantage plan. While we'd certainly like to see email support hours extended to provide greater support to more customers, this level of customer service is fairly common across the industry. 

BambooHR offers one of the better self-help resource centers we've encountered. It gives you access to more than 50 on-demand webinars and a large library of how-to articles, podcasts, whitepapers, infographics and other unique content designed to help companies with both the BambooHR software and general HR topics. The company also includes dedicated customer support options for implementation, as well as QuickStart office hours to help new customers get the most from their HR software.


One downside of BambooHR is that it does not list its pricing publicly. That's unfortunate, because transparent pricing makes it easier to compare products or services. Unlike most time and attendance service providers we examined, BambooHR requires a brief consultation with a sales agent for a free price quote for any service or add-on. Although unlisted custom pricing is typical for enterprise-level customers, it's rare for small to midsize business plans in this category. If you are looking for a service with more transparent pricing, check out our review of QuickBooks Time.

Businesses with irregular employee schedules – such as restaurants, hotels and traditional retail stores – may find that BambooHR lacks some of the advanced scheduling features they need. Some competitors, such as what we found in our review of When I Work, support shift workers better, with great features for swapping shifts, bidding on open shifts and confirming new schedules from a smartphone. However, most office and regular salaried employees will find BambooHR more than adequate for their scheduling, vacation and time-off needs.

What Is Time and Attendance Software?

The best time and attendance software provides a quick, accurate and easy way for employees to record their hours worked using any computer or mobile device. These robust systems replace wall-mounted punch clocks, paper or Excel timesheets and unreliable spreadsheets for in-house and remote employees. Beyond the ability to accurately record billable hours with detailed information on the work accomplished, all time and attendance systems feature native support or integrations with popular payment software and tools to automatically handle payroll and even help file taxes in many cases. 


Our editorial team spent weeks researching and testing the most popular time and attendance systems. We tried out each platform using the widely available free trial accounts, paying special attention to each system's ease of use, features, integrations, pricing and customer service. In the end, we found nine worthwhile time and attendance systems for businesses of all sizes to consider and identified providers for a wide range of use cases, such as for automation, hybrid teams, employee productivity and scaling businesses. When considering automation, we looked for time and attendance software that made it simple to implement helpful automatic workflows. 


Does BambooHR work well for large businesses?

While it's true that over 80% of BambooHR's customers are small and midsize businesses, large and enterprise-level companies still represent a significant number of BambooHR users across a wide variety of industries. Large companies can benefit immensely from BambooHR's automated features and custom workflows that ensure HR managers can set up a process once and deploy it confidently for many employees and tasks.

Does BambooHR offer monthly plans?

Yes, BambooHR's billing cycle is based on the day you sign up for your company's account. For example, if you sign up on Nov. 15, your company will be billed on the 15th of every month. If you're unsatisfied with your time and attendance service, you can cancel at any time. Note that cancellation may not include any prorated refunds, and your account will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. 

Is BambooHR secure?

BambooHR says it has been recognized as Safe Harbor Certified since 2013 and adheres to the "U.S.-European Union and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as mandated by the U.S. Department of Commerce." The company's data is hosted in the U.S., Canada and Ireland; the location depends on a variety of customer locations and applicable laws. Information is encrypted during transit, and sensitive data fields are encrypted at all times. BambooHR uses defense-in-depth multilevel data security, web application firewalls, annual third-party security audits, regular vulnerability scans, multifactor authentication and other measures to prevent data leaks and unauthorized data access.

Bottom Line

We recommend BambooHR Time and Attendance for …

  • Businesses that are searching for automated HR functionality to free staff from tedious tasks.
  • Businesses that want to implement an easy-to-use HR platform.

We don't recommend BambooHR Time and Attendance for …

  • Small businesses with salaried staff and low turnover.
  • Businesses that are looking for transparent pricing. 
  • Businesses with complex employee scheduling needs.

BambooHR Time and Attendance

BambooHR Time and Attendance

The Verdict

BambooHR makes time and attendance tracking easy and efficient with many helpful automated workflows available to streamline everything from onboarding to payroll processing.

Jeff Hale
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