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Get social media software solution recommendations and expert advice on how to effectively develop and manage a social media strategy.

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What is the difference between a social media specialist and social media administrator?
By Asmaa Lasheen | 8 Answers | Last Activity on November 12, 2020

I think the administrator can manage all your social platforms, write creative content, maybe they are a good designer, and they will know of free tools you can use to manage your social media. I...

Lessons From Millennials and Gen Zers on Video Marketing
By Jared Atchison | November 11, 2020

The new generation of consumers is making an impact through their buying choices and their participation on social media. Here's how to get your videos to resonate with millennials and Gen Zers.

What tools best assist with lead generation in social media?
By Jen Ostrosky | 27 Answers | Last Activity on November 10, 2020

For one of my ventures, social media is the main tool I am using to promote the company's products/services. We're currently experimenting with Hootsuite, but I'm curious about other good ones that...

Social media: Should I do it myself, or outsource?
By Zack Lombardi | 86 Answers | Last Activity on November 07, 2020

I have several social media pages for my business, and it's quite a lot of work to maintain. Should I hire a social media expert to improve or maintain them, or should I just work on them myself?...

10 Ways to Take Better Social Media Campaign Photos
By Skye Schooley | November 06, 2020

Follow this expert advice to make your photos stand out on social media.

20 Facebook Tools for Marketing Optimization
By Max Freedman | November 05, 2020

These 20 Facebook tools can help you use the social media platform more effectively for your business.

How to Use Facebook Analytics
By Marisa Sanfilippo | October 29, 2020

Facebook Analytics can give you the insight you need to better target your audience on the popular social media platform.

When you have a project that requires an experienced designer or illustrator, where do you look to find an artist who has the talent you need?
By Steven Scott | 15 Answers | Last Activity on October 29, 2020

I've been freelancing for more than 30 years and I want to find out where I should be looking for new opportunities. Since everything has migrated to the web I'd like to know which sites you look at...

Pros and Cons of an Instagram Business Account
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 26, 2020

Wondering if an Instagram business account is worth it? Check out these pros and cons of personal and business accounts.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 23, 2020

Wondering how to make Instagram Stories work for business? Check out our guide for tips and examples.

Any advice on how to properly grow my YouTube channel?
By Reyna Washington | 20 Answers | Last Activity on October 22, 2020

I would like to know how to effectively grow my YouTube channel. I want to be able to reach more people. I have many different social media accounts where I share my videos, but its not really...

What You Can Learn From the Best Instagram Business Accounts
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 22, 2020

Learn from some of the top accounts on Instagram and see what works for them.

8 Tips for Generating More Engagement on Facebook
By Max Freedman | October 20, 2020

Facebook engagement is important for brand visibility and customer loyalty. Here's how to calculate and boost your audience engagement on Facebook.

13 Ways to Track Trends on Social Media
By Max Freedman | October 19, 2020

Understanding social media trends enables you to respond accordingly, thus improving your social media marketing strategy. Here's how to monitor social media trends.

Where do you source your social media content in the age of COVID?
By Timothy Delorenzo | 4 Answers | Last Activity on October 19, 2020

Interested in what people are doing to find content for their social media pages or websites. Are you meeting with photographers? Finding them online? Recycling old content? How can you keep social...

The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020
By Skye Schooley | October 15, 2020

Which is the best online reputation management service for your business?

Small Business Guide to Hiring a Social Media Manager
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 14, 2020

A social media manager is responsible for creating and monitoring your social media content. Here's what to look for when hiring one.

What social media monitoring tools do you use for your business?
By Sarah Burd | 16 Answers | Last Activity on October 07, 2020

I would like to measure my social media activity but I don't know where to start! What tools should I be using?

The Power of Facebook Messenger as a Marketing Tool
By Simone Johnson | October 05, 2020

Want to use Facebook in your marketing strategy? Here's how to turn its Messenger feature into a marketing tool.

How can I find a good social media manger/freelancer?
By Pinky Sharma | 6 Answers | Last Activity on October 02, 2020

I am bit confused how to hire the right person as a Social Media Manager on a freelance basis for my business. With so many people out there claiming to have social media experience, how can I tell...

Which URL should I promote - Facebook page or website url?
By Vivek Sable | 31 Answers | Last Activity on October 02, 2020

My startup provides local information to the South Asian community. I have created a facebook page and twitter handle. We push our tweets to our facebook page. The site has a generic like button...

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding
By Jared Atchison | October 01, 2020

There are tremendous opportunities on LinkedIn, especially if you know how to build your personal brand and leverage it.

Be More Likable: 11 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Instantly
By Max Freedman | October 01, 2020

Optimizing your business's Facebook page is a good way to drive engagement. Here's how to get more likes and shares on Facebook.

Pinterest for Business Marketing
By Marisa Sanfilippo | September 30, 2020

When you're deciding on the components of your social media marketing strategy, one platform you might want to consider is Pinterest.

12 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business
By Marisa Sanfilippo | September 28, 2020

Check out these tips to help drive your Instagram marketing strategy toward better engagement and higher ROI.

9 Twitter Best Practices for Business
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 28, 2020

Being successful on Twitter requires more than just keeping your message within the character limit.

Choosing the Best Online Reputation Management Service
By Karina Fabian | September 28, 2020

Is your business's reputation failing? Here's how to choose the best online reputation management service to save your brand.

Is Facebook really neccessary for a start up business?
By Wynand Marais | 17 Answers | Last Activity on September 26, 2020

I am active on other social media sites, but I am trying to steer clear of Facebook because I had a bad experience with it. Will it hurt me in the long run to not have a Facebook page to advertise my...

What is your advice on getting started with 3D printing? Could you recomend any good institutions/organizations for a crash course?
By Pradeep Prabhu | 7 Answers | Last Activity on September 25, 2020

Looking at venturing into 3D printing in India catering to multiple industries like manufacturing, modeling etc. How can I receive the best guidance/advice on 3D printing?

What Are Promoted Tweets, and How Do They Work?
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 25, 2020

Promoted tweets are a great way to increase sales and boost engagement on Twitter. Learn what they are and how they work; then get nine tips to help you run a successful promoted tweet strategy.