5 Random Things You Can Create in a Microsoft Word Document

Business.com / Marketing / Last Modified: December 12, 2017

Believe it or not, Microsoft Word can be used not only for business, but for fun too.

Believe it or not, Microsoft Word can be used not only for business, but for fun too. There is a plethora of things that you can use this office softwareapplication for other than writing a letter, typing up an essay or drafting a memo. Aside from being fun, creating these things yourself can also put some extra Benjamins back in your wallet. Out of many options, here are five random things you can use Microsoft Word to create.

1. Calendar 
Microsoft Office includes calendar templates that are ready for you to customize, but if you don't want to use one of the Microsoft calendars, you can create your own and customize it the way you want. By simply turning the layout of a document to landscape and inserting a table that is seven columns wide and five or six rows long, you can create a full-page monthly calendar that you can print out to keep track of your schedule. If you'd like to create a smaller calendar, you can use the portrait orientation instead and include a header at the top of the page with the calendar portion at the bottom of the page. You can even insert some images, watermarks or other illustrations to customize it before slapping it on your fridge.

2. Stationery or Letterhead
With the plethora of clip art that Microsoft Office includes, you can create personal stationery or professional letterheads easily. First, you can choose from a full frame or partial frame to insert on the page. From there, you can continue customizing it with your own images, creating watermarks and even using different fonts to beautify the page. Microsoft Word also includes stationery and letterhead templates that you can use if you don't want to create your own.

3. Postcards
Instead of paying for pricy postcards on your trip, wait until you get home and create them yourself with pictures from your own camera. Microsoft Word makes it easy to create postcards by including a 4 x 6-inch setup that's ready for you to use. By clicking on the Page Layout tab and then changing the size of the document to the postcard size, you can begin to customize it. You can even print out the postcard on photo or cardstock to make it more durable when you send it off in the mail.

4. Newsletters
Thanks to the multiple-column feature in Microsoft Word, you can easily create family or business newsletters. First, choose whether you want your newsletter on portrait or landscape orientation and then from there you can customize it any way you want. You can add as many columns as you want to one page and even put a solid line between them for more distinct separation. Additionally, Microsoft Office includes some ready-to-use newsletter templates that you can work from if you don't want to take the time to create your own.

5. Flyers or Invitations
Whether you need a flyer for a yard sale or a work party, or an invitation for your child's birthday party, you can easily create it in Microsoft Word instead of overpaying someone to do it for you. If you want to be very creative, you can start from a blank document and create a flyer or invitation all from scratch. But if you're not feeling up to it, you can also choose from many ready-to-use flyer and invitation templates that Microsoft Office comes pre-installed with for quick selection.

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