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Management Theory of Joseph Juran

Geraldine McGowan

Joseph Juran and the Juran theory

Joseph Juran was a pioneer in the study of quality control.

Juran's management theory affected the quality control in engineering. His book, "Quality Control Handbook," is a classic in the field. Juran's quality theory impacted the Japanese economy after WW2. He and a colleague went to Japan after the war to help with re-building the economy.

Juran's management theory continued to develop throughout his lifetime. He died at the age of 103 in 2008. Juran's theory of quality management are part of other quality management theories such as Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.


1. The key steps in Juran's theory on quality are quality planning, quality control and quality improvement.

2. To implement a company-wide quality management process, you have to identify your customers, find out their needs and work to meet those needs. You create measures of quality and organize to meet those measures consistently. And you need to create processes that work in real-life conditions.

3. Juran's theory on quality postulates that top-level management must be sincere in its efforts to commit to quality or else all efforts as such would not work.


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Juran's quality theory developed over time. He worked as an engineer for a corporation, worked in Washington during WW2 and then went to Japan after the war. He remained a consultant and an educator for the rest of his life. Using Juran's theory can help you to grow your company.

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The Joseph Juran management theory is important to all businesses in the competitive, multinational climate of today's commerce. Learning his theory and applying it to your business will aid you in competition.

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The implications of Joseph Juran are far-reaching and global. India and Japan are just two countries that have used the theories of Joseph Juran to re-create and build their economies. Even if you're not a global company, knowledge of these theories and of the man, too, are essential.

  • Read Juran's books for yourself. He was a visionary in his own right and reading him for yourself will give you a lot to work with.
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Geraldine McGowan