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GoToAssist Remote PC Access Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

When you provide technical support to your customers, clients, or employees, you want secure software that allows you to establish a remote desktop connection quickly and seamlessly. You also want comprehensive collaboration features like file transfer, screen share and screen recording. GoToAssist offers all of this and more, and it lets you establish remote connections via web browsers and desktop apps. All of this contributes to why it is our choice as the best remote PC access software for no-download live support.

GoToAssist Remote PC Access

GoToAssist Remote PC Access

The Verdict

GoToAssist is ideal for businesses that want a simple way to provide remote support. Remote connections can be secured through a web browser or desktop app, and features include file transfer, screen share, and session recording.

GoToAssist Editor's Score: 9.3/10

Price/value 8.8/10
Features 9.5/10
Customizations, add-ons and integrations 9.2/10
Ease of use 9.5/10
Customer support 9.5/10

Why We Chose GoToAssist for No-Download Live Support

If you need to provide live support to your customers, chances are you want software that can establish a secure connection as fast as possible and has a full suite of remote support tools. Although several remote access software options fit this description, GoToAssist takes the cake here. With GoToAssist, you can create secure connections through nearly any web browser, without wasting time downloading and installing agents. You get helpful support features like file transfer and screen share to trade information during remote sessions. You can also record support sessions.

TipTip: Record your remote support sessions to use for technician training.

What We Like About GoToAssist

  • You can offer customer support through a web browser or desktop app.
  • GoToAssist doesn't limit the type or size of files you can transfer in live remote sessions.
  • You can set up automatic recording for when remote sessions begin.

What We Don't Like About GoToAssist

  • Some features are limited for Mac users.
  • Mobile support costs extra.

Ease of Use

GoToAssist is compatible with a variety of devices (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) and operates on a variety of web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox and Safari), making it a viable remote support solution for virtually anyone. Since it doesn't require installation, we found it's easy to establish a remote support session. Instead, you can connect devices simply via web browser. In fact, GoToAssist claims that you can start a remote support session for a PC, Mac or mobile device in 15 seconds flat. To make the platform even more user-friendly, it can integrate with popular third-party applications like Slack.

GoToAssist can connect with several third-party applications, including Slack.


GoToAssist has several great tools to help you provide support to your customers. Here are some of the features we find most valuable.

Support Access

We were impressed with how quickly connections are made with GoToAssist. The software lets you establish secure remote support sessions within seconds. You can send your customer either a web browser link or a nine-digit support key to start a remote support session. We like this level of speed and usability, especially for those who need to provide live support. Some of the other remote access platforms we reviewed require you to install applications or agents to start any session, which can be cumbersome.

If you want to establish a remote session with an unattended device, you first need to download the unattended installer on the remote device, but you can easily access it for any future sessions.  


GoToAssist is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, which is on par with other software we examined. Support connections can be secured with standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We like that GoToAssist is compatible with multiple monitors and sessions. You and your support technicians can use the multi-monitor function to scroll between customer monitors, and provide multi-session support for up to 15 simultaneous sessions per technician. Some competitors base their pricing on concurrent sessions, so it's nice that GoToAssist automatically includes this.  

Technicians can view multiple monitors at once.


GoToAssist has many tools to help IT techs and customers collaborate. For example, you can transfer files by dragging and dropping them between devices, or you can request permission from the end user to share files. Unlike some competitors we researched, GoToAssist doesn't limit the type or size of the file you can transfer between devices during a remote support session. File transfers also work during unattended-access sessions and webchats.

You can easily transfer files between remote devices

With the software, you and your technicians can share access to an unattended device with team members, and you can even transfer an entire remote support session to another team member. These are extremely valuable options for customer support, and ones we didn't find among many of the other software we researched. GoToAssist also lets you record live chat and support sessions for training and auditing purposes – helping you ensure your support agents are providing the best service possible.


GoToAssist offers security measures on par with its competitors. For example, it uses AES 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, and you can customize permissions and device access for each technician. These measures can help you avoid cybersecurity risks. We like that GoToAssist can work with firewalls in place, which means your customers won't have to change their settings to start a support session. GoToAssist also lets you run two types of reports (Quick Reports and Custom Reports) to keep track of your company and technician activity.

GoToAssist's reports can show you valuable data about your team.


Our research uncovered a couple of ways that GoToAssist service plans differ from the competition. For example, GoToAssist only offers one standard Remote Support plan and one Service Desk plan. In contrast, some competitors we reviewed offer multiple tiered plans with various features and prices. This isn't necessarily good or bad, just something worth noting if you are looking for a selection of plans. GoToAssist also offers both monthly and annual pricing, whereas some competitors do not. We like this level of flexibility.

  • The Remote Support plan starts at $55 per agent per month (billed annually) and $69 per agent per month (billed monthly). You can add on mobile support for $20 per agent per month. 
  • The Service Desk plan is an excellent option for those who want to build a branded online help desk ticket system. It costs $39 per technician per month (billed annually) and $49 per technician per year (billed monthly).   

FYIFYI: With the mobile add-on, your technicians can remotely view Android and iOS devices, and remotely control Android devices.

Implementation and Onboarding

In our research, we found that some competitors have a lengthy installation process, but not GoToAssist. The GoToAssist implementation process is quick and easy to navigate. Since there is no software to download, establishing a live support connection is as simple as sending the end user an invitation link or a nine-digit code they can enter in the session.

Remote support connections can be easily secured with a nine-digit key.

A connection to an unattended device does require software to be installed on the remote device. However, after this one-time installation, you can access the device as needed. This is standard for remote access software.  

Customer Support

GoToAssist offers a number of valuable online resources for customers, such as FAQs, whitepapers, case studies, videos, webinars, and an online community. If you need one-on-one support, you can reach a representative by phone or webchat.


If you're considering GoToAssist as your remote access and support solution, keep a few limitations in mind. For example, some remote features are limited with Mac support, like reverse screen share, annotation tools, and reboot/reconnect. If Mac support is a large portion of your business and you need these features, read our review of Zoho Assist.

Another potential downside is that remote access to mobile devices is an add-on feature, meaning it costs extra. It costs $20 per agent per month to enable your support team to view and control mobile devices. This is only a drawback if you plan on supporting several mobile devices. If so, you may want to look at another vendor, like ConnectWise Control, which automatically includes mobile support in some of its plans. You can learn more in our ConnectWise Control review.

What Is Remote PC Access Software?

Remote PC access software is a platform that can remotely connect two or more devices together, regardless of where they are located. It is often used for remote technical support, offsite device access, online courses and collaboration. Although remote PC access software can be an on-premises solution, many companies offer cloud-based platforms for convenient connections. The best remote access software is secure and has features like drag-and-drop file transfer, session recording, remote printing, remote reboot, text and VoIP chat, and multi-monitor navigation.


We spent countless hours researching and analyzing highly rated remote PC access systems to identify the top solutions on the market. We looked at features, pricing, integrations, usability, security, and customer support, and we even got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When looking for the best remote PC access solution for no-download live support specifically, we prioritized aspects like security, usability, support access, collaboration and customer support.


How do I access GoToAssist remotely?

Starting a remote connection via GoToAssist doesn't require installation. Instead, you can access it remotely by simply using a browser or desktop application. The end user can enter a connection code or access link. If you want to use GoToAssist to access an unattended remote computer, you first need to run the installer on the remote device.

Who uses GoToAssist?

GoToAssist is an ideal solution for technical support teams. It grants you the ability to provide your customers with quick, seamless technical support from a remote location. GoToAssist is suited for tech support teams of any size or industry, although it is primarily used by small and midsize businesses. This type of solution is also beneficial for managing remote teams, as it allows you to provide them with the support they need, as well as to implement patch management measures that ensure your team is always operating on safe devices when outside the office. 

Bottom Line

We recommend GoToAssist for:

  • Businesses that want to provide quick technical support without downloads
  • Companies that need features like session transfer, shared access and session recording
  • Companies that need to transfer large or various types of files between remote devices

We don't recommend GoToAssist for:

  • Businesses that primarily need Mac support
  • Businesses that need many technicians to support mobile devices (especially iOS users)

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GoToAssist Remote PC Access

GoToAssist Remote PC Access

The Verdict

GoToAssist is ideal for businesses that want a simple way to provide remote support. Remote connections can be secured through a web browser or desktop app, and features include file transfer, screen share, and session recording.

Skye Schooley
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