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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Sales

ByTom La Vecchia, writer
Aug 17, 2018
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> Marketing

If you sell products online, you can't afford to ignore social media as a marketing tool.

If you go anywhere in a major city, chances are high that you'll notice teenagers and young adults checking their phones. Of those young adults, most of them will be on social media, communicating with friends or finding out the newest Hollywood gossip. Social media isn't a niche thing anymore; it's everywhere.

It's often said that a company's social media presence can make or break its ability to turn a profit. E-commerce can no longer avoid this critical sales channel to reach its target audience. "Social proof" is often needed to establish yourself as a player in your field.

Ever wonder what successful businesses do to make their social media marketing pop? I decided to share four tips on using social media to grow your e-commerce presence online.

1. Find the RIGHT influencers.

Having an A-list celebrity pitch your products is not only expensive, but an antiquated tactic. There has been a steady rise in the use of micro-influencers – those with under 50,000 followers. They tend to have more loyal followings, as they typically focus on a specific niche. Therefore, it's critical to have the right influencers who share your brand's vision and message. Do not simply choose an influencer based on their followers, likes and comments – do they also have the same values that your company believes in? If the answer is yes, then they are most likely the right influencer. 


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2. Experiment with virtual and augmented reality.

The use of VR and AR in social media has exploded in the last year or so. Pokemon Go was one of the first successful apps that incorporated AR and VR. Snapchat is another good example of using AR to expose your brand to your target audience. Though these technologies are still in their early days, as companies incorporate VR and AR programs into their social media markeitng, it will grow their know, like and trust factor.

3. Employ chatbots using AI.

Chatbots should be the first line of defense for customer service. Although the human touch is great, with advances in artificial intelligence, a computer can do most of the heavy lifting. AI chatbots can directly engage or even proactively chat with possible clients through social media. While humans generally work shifts, AI bots can work 24/7 to address customer service issues, respond to social media inquiries and even reach out over social media platforms to increase interaction with your platform. This will assist in streamlining your overall social media process to convert inquiries into paying customers.

4. Add buy buttons to your pages.

In the past, digital marketers wanted to funnel all visitors to their websites in order to generate sales. With advancements in social media technology, customers can purchase your item directly from Facebook without ever visiting your site. Social media platforms are no longer just informational, but can also be a form of direct sales, essentially decentralizing the sales funnel.

Social media is a critical channel for your e-commerce marketing efforts. These four practices will help you maximize your sales without too much marginal effort.

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Tom La Vecchia
Tom La Vecchia
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