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9 Benefits of Making the Switch to Cloud-Based POS Software

Drew Hendricks
Drew Hendricks

Whether you’re totally new to the idea or have been considering it for months, switching from traditional sales technology to highly intuitive point-of-sale, or POS, software is one of the smartest moves a small business can make.

Take a look at some of the reasons your competitors have chosen to go there … and why you should as well.

1. Accuracy

Many small businesses have struggled with unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventory. Your staff ends up spending more time trying to track down these mistakes than helping customers and closing new sales, and that inhibits business growth and profit. A POS system can fix this. Traditional cash registers rely too much on human input. Especially at busy times, mistakes are bound to happen. POS systems take the guesswork out of making sales, and allow your company to achieve a level of accuracy that’s otherwise unattainable.

2. Insights

Vend POS observes that a high-quality POS system does more than scan items quickly. A good POS system also gives your business the data it needs to grow and maximize profits. All purchases are tracked and recorded, which means any customer’s past purchases are available for viewing, including purchases in person and online. Businesses can track their successful products and services and create targeted marketing based on demographics, individual customer buying habits, and more.

3. Remote control

POS systems can be controlled on your mobile device and through the Cloud. You don’t have to be present in the store to know what’s happening when you have a good POS system in place. If you’re a manager, you’ve probably noticed your business suffers when you’re away. Employees aren’t as motivated when you’re not watching them. A solid POS system does some of your work for you, and allows you to leave the premises. Since you can’t be there all the time, a POS system updates you on what’s happening as it performs some of the important tasks for you.

4. Consistency

Due to human error and other factors, a product may end up costing more at one store location than another. POS systems eliminate this problem, thus guaranteeing improved customer care and a reputation for integrity. Maintaining consistent pricing is a professional function, and a POS system is the best way to achieve it.

5. Ease of managing promotions

Promotions are essential to many small businesses for both attracting and retaining customers. Especially when it comes to short-term promotions, many businesses struggle to keep track of the terms, duration, and specifications. Most businesses have multiple promotions occurring at the same time. Failing to keep track of promotions leads to lost sales and lost patrons because customer care suffers. POS systems allow small businesses to track the promotions and profits of any offer with ease. If you have good POS software, you can determine what kinds of promotions make a profit and provide the best customer care.

6. Inventory

Managing inventory without a POS system can be a nightmare. Especially for companies that have both an online and physical store, consistency in inventory is incredibly important. Quality POS software allows for accurate, efficient inventory. Without POS software, many businesses are unable to keep track of their inventory or sort it in a useful way. With POS software, you can sort your merchandise by type, class, item description, and more, depending on the product.

POS software also keeps track of data related to each product. This means you know the suppliers, parent relationships, substitutes, and sales rates for every item in your inventory. It also leads to improved customer care: The days of offering customer goods that happen to be sold out may be over.

7. Trends

POS software empowers you to identify trends in your products’ sales. You can find out which demographic groups are interested in particular products. These trends can be tracked by any characteristic of the product.

8. Speed

Small businesses in particular suffer from slow checkout lines. Customers don’t enjoy having to wait in line while a cashier types in the description of what the person ahead of them is buying. With a good POS system, cashiers can ring up customers quickly. They also have access to product information much more swiftly, which enables them to help customers efficiently.

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Among today’s consumers, a lot of shopping takes place online due to the desire for efficiency. Having a solid POS system sets up an efficient in-person shopping experience, which encourages more customers to visit your business in the physical world and increases sales.

9. One package, many tools

Business and marketing technologies are advancing rapidly. Keeping up with the competition often means buying the newest advancement in a particular area, but this can get expensive. Buying a POS system cuts costs because it provides many essential business tools in a single package. It also saves time, because you don’t have to shop around for the best in each particular area. One high-quality POS system can perform all the functions you need.

These are only a few of the benefits of a quality POS system. In many retail industries, investment in POS systems has become the norm.

Don’t let your company fall behind the competition. If you buy a good POS system, you maximize profits, eliminate waste, and improve customer service throughout your company.

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