The NFL and Snapchat Partner Up for Audience Engagement / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Utilizing social media networking allows the NFL to get that much more immersed with younger audiences.

The sports entertainment industry and the social media landscape have come together at an innovative point in time.

When you discuss the National Football League (NFL) it has remained a successful enterprise and a lucrative sport to broadcast independent of the mediums or platforms available today.  

Unlike other struggling media industries (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc.) sports continues to sell no matter the economic realities. What has also become extremely popular with handheld devices is the use of social media networks like Snapchat and company. As reported, the NFL and rising social media site, Snapchat, will provide unique coverage or footage on the Discover page for the platform making this the first sports league to join this channel.

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Per the analysis by the, the extension of this partnership is the result of a successful joint venture between the two parties where more than 70 million people tuned in and watched NFL Live Stories back in 2015.

This collaboration is particularly striking and as to why this partnership is working is for obvious reasons. A great platform for exposure and the social media users are extremely active on this channel. The NFL has an existing presence on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and adding another social media networking destination expands the successful presence of an institution like the NFL.

But why Snapchat? The following infographic can shed some important metrics good for branding and adding exposure to any entity:

Infographic: How Snapchat can expand your brand

As the above infographic highlights, there are 100 million daily active users (DAU) on Snapchat, eight billion Snapchat daily views, 9,000 photos shared on the platform every second, etc. It is a sound and mutually beneficial business transaction that allows the NFL to be that much closer to younger audiences. For Snapchat it is leveraging an advantage to continue to grow its business enterprise.

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Building Brand Loyalty With Snapchat and Other NFL Key Partnerships in the Works

As previously mentioned the NFL has built to date a social media empire thanks to its loyal fans and the teams they actively follow from season to season. In addition, every NFL team uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for its marketing efforts and bring those unique experiences that much close to the fans.

Now with Snapchat joining the ranks it’s worth noting why it is a big deal. As the University of San Francisco post asserts, the social technology gives customers the opportunity to interact with your brand and share their experiences. This is why the addition of Snapchat just adds that much more value to watch the NFL and their respective teams on the different social networks.

The NFL is looking constantly for new partnerships. And another creative collaboration to take place transpired between the following: Bruin Sports Capital, Jon Bon Jovi and RedBird Capital Partners. This is another way the NFL extends itself to the boundaries of music and how it keeps business in the background running smoothly.

If you thought NFL coaches could not teach the business community a thing or two about running operations successfully think again. According to a analysis, the winning formula is provided by legendary coaches from around the league and how they managed to use a playbook to arrive at a successful journey:

  • Passion
  • Consistency
  • Adaptability
  • Innovation

Each of the above aspects is something that universally recognizable people possess and they exemplify it whether it’s in the business or sports world. What they do well is utilize passion, consistency, adaptability and innovation. If you cannot come to perfect these four core concepts into your game plan you will likely not succeed.

So if you want to mount a successful enterprise using social media then Snapchat is a wonderful social media service. The following infographic serves as a guide to carrying out successful marketing campaigns:

Infographic: Tips for kickstarting Snapchat influencer Marketing

These 10 tips or tricks are what the business essentially needs. Social media is about branding out and reaching out to established marketers or influential marketers in some cases. They bring you that much closer to the communities they serve and this is what this entire process is really all about.

Choose beforehand a strategy that works and is fitted for Snapchat´s younger audience. Connect with an influencer and bring to the table a mutually beneficial project to work on for a particular campaign. Have fun with the campaigns and show passion for what you do along with the service you provide. All of this effort brings experiences to the fingertips of loyal followers, so give them want they are really seeking.

Finally, be consistent with your message and get familiarized with the tools built on Snapchat to really drive up that engagement between your brand and the targeted user.

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Takeaways and Conclusions

As a result, the NFL has been nothing short of a successful empire all wrapped around in the game of American football. Not only has it built a sports industry, but also racked up significant media exposure for any existing communications channel.

The NFL wants to control the message and will not give up its unique happenings on the field. It also explains why they are increasingly experimenting with social media companies and wanting to deliver that unique and competitive experience that constantly happens between talented NFL teams.

Lastly, the NFL will continue to innovate and these recently developed partnerships will continue to flourish. This will continue to happen if they maintain the ongoing relationship with their fans and remain consistent with their message. 

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