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Marketing and Sales

Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

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Sign on the Line: 5 Steps to Closing the Sale
By Max Freedman | September 24, 2020

Closing a sale is an art. With these five steps, you can close any sale and build an ongoing relationship with a prospect or client.

What Big Data Means for Your Small Business
By Andrew Martins | September 23, 2020

In an increasingly digital world, the amount of data a small business must parse gets larger by the year. Learn what big data means for your SMB.

Where do I find software projects?
By Slava Khristich | 31 Answers | Last Activity on September 23, 2020

I've started software outsourcing and have few projects to work on. My question in general where do people find new software projects... Well, I guess I didn't formed my question right first time....

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Key User Experience Principles to Boost Your Site Conversion Rate
By Daniel Ndukwu | September 22, 2020

A visitor's user experience on your website goes a long way toward determining whether they buy from you regularly or never return.

Sales Tips 101: How to Sell Anything to Anybody
By Max Freedman | September 22, 2020

If you want to be able to sell your business's products and services with ease, this guide has the tips you need to make it happen.

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Data Analytics
By Ryan Ayers | September 22, 2020

Small businesses can benefit from big data technology to derive actionable insights to improve their organization.

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Are there cons to using one business card for more than one of your businesses?
By Samwel M P | 18 Answers | Last Activity on September 22, 2020

I want to to know if is there any negative effect of putting all of your business brands on one professional business card. Are there pros or cons to this? What are the merits of that idea? Thanks!

What are challenges advertisers face today?
By Y. Yogi Raj | 10 Answers | Last Activity on September 22, 2020

There has been significant growth in digital advertising industry with many rich media, interactive ad options. However, there must be challenges advertisers face today. Wondering if some experienced...

Thriving Beyond COVID-19: The New Marketing Model for Small Businesses
By Paxton Gray | September 21, 2020

The effects the pandemic has had on small businesses could be long-lasting. It's crucial to adopt a practical and forward-looking marketing strategy.

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Features of POS Systems
By Sean Peek | September 21, 2020

Find out which features to look for when you're shopping for a new POS system.

What's the simplest way to do market research?
By Suneth Pathirana | 16 Answers | Last Activity on September 20, 2020

Hello, I want to sell certain electronic devices and I just want know the basics steps if I do market research before launching them. Appreciate if someone could share the best practices on how to...

15 Local Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Local Business
By David Gargaro | September 18, 2020

These marketing strategies for small businesses can improve your engagement with potential customers in your local market.

How do you know who is truly a social media expert?
By Sarah Burd | 15 Answers | Last Activity on September 18, 2020

Companies must transition from traditional marketing to social media marketing or somehow incorporate social media marketing strategies into their marketing plan. How do you go about this...

5 Content Ideas to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged
By Liviu Tanase | September 17, 2020

Getting new email subscribers is a worthy goal, but keeping them engaged is even more important.

Scale Your E-Commerce Business Using This Beginner-Friendly Facebook Ads Strategy
By Razvan Romanescu | September 17, 2020

Facebook ads are highly effective but highly complex. Learn how to scale your e-commerce business using Facebook ads.

Maintaining the Personal Touch Without In-Person Interaction: How Small Businesses Can Translate Their Business's Spirit Online
By Rich Rao | September 16, 2020

Here are four tips to differentiate your store and appeal to potential shoppers or stay top of mind with current customers.

Can (or Should) You Raise Prices During COVID-19?
By Donna Fuscaldo | September 16, 2020

Supply shortages in higher demand and other pandemic-related expenses are causing some companies to raise prices during COVID-19. Should your business follow suit?

What is the best method for marketing a local fitness business?
By Keith Janssen | 48 Answers | Last Activity on September 15, 2020

We have been using Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc, etc. But getting likes and new followers does not convert into new business.

When starting an online business, how much marketing research needs to be done first?
By Serge Dagher | 15 Answers | Last Activity on September 13, 2020

I'm working on opening an online store that has various products. I'm still in the middle of my research stage of collecting information on other online businesses, trends, forecasts, etc. How do I...

I am new to marketing and my first project is to find clients for a call center. Help?
By Alicia Lewis | 3 Answers | Last Activity on September 13, 2020

I want to make sure I can be successful at this task. I'm just really looking for advice on how to find clients and what keywords to use, websites to browse etc. Any help would be highly appreciated....

Your Reputation Is Your Reality: How to Strengthen Your Company's Public Image
By Margarita Hakobyan | September 11, 2020

Your brand reputation is how you are perceived by your audience. Make sure your reputation remains sterling with these tips.

How B2B Small Businesses Can Customize Their Social Media Marketing Strategies
By Ming-Yi Wu | September 10, 2020

Because business goals, target audiences, and the nature of customer relations are different, B2B and B2C social media marketing strategies cannot be identical.

4 Ways Introverts Can Use Their Strengths to Win at Sales
By Daniel Ndukwu | September 08, 2020

Learn how to talk to more prospects, overcome your fear of rejection, and consistently hit and exceed your sales numbers.

9 Ways to Build a Positive Sales Culture
By Megan Totka | September 08, 2020

A healthy sales culture helps to drive sales and attract top talent.

The Truth Behind Stock Photos: What Works and What Doesn't
By Max Freedman | September 08, 2020

Stock photos provide a way to add graphics to your online content without producing the images yourself. Here's what works and what doesn't when it comes to stock photos.

7 Highly Effective Ways to Build an Online Community for Your Business
By Max Freedman | September 08, 2020

For your business to fully succeed, you need to build a vibrant community that you can tap into for engagement.

How Marketers Can Leverage LinkedIn
By Jared Atchison | September 04, 2020

Learn how to grow with LinkedIn in 2020.

What Is Google Ads, and Why Should You Use It?
By Max Freedman | September 04, 2020

Google Ads can make a company more successful if the campaign is implemented correctly.

How to Conduct a Marketing Analysis
By Adam Uzialko | September 04, 2020

A marketing analysis helps you improve your strategy to engage more of your audience, generate more leads and drive sales. This guide explains how to conduct a marketing analysis for your business.

How to find companies that need outsourced IT services?
By Ryan Salter | 10 Answers | Last Activity on September 03, 2020

I just started with Tech Advisors. I am trying to find companies that need IT services. Tech Advisors is an outsourced IT managed service company. So I am looking for companies with 10-150 employees...