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How to Choose an Answering Service for a Medical Practice

BY Adam C. Uzialko

Medical answering services offer HIPAA-compliant support for your practice's phone lines.

How to Set Your 2020 Digital Marketing Budget Priorities

BY Ronald Dod

Before the year ends, you should take time to prioritize your digital marketing strategy for 2020.

10 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

BY Megan Prejzner

Knowing how to write an effective press release is essential to getting your company news out to reports and customers.

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Sales Strategies for Businesses Facing Seasonal Fluctuations

BY Mark Thacker

If your business faces seasonal fluctuations in sales, it is important to prepare for those dips.

Which is better: chatbot or live chat?

QUESTION | BY Milita Khokhlova | 14 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/10/19

We have used live chat for several years now, but it has many flaws. We want to try chatbots. What do you think?

What extra services or support could software developers provide to add value to tech entrepreneurs?

QUESTION | BY Dariya Lopukhina | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/10/19

We want to expand and improve our service offerings. I'm doing research for my company and I would appreciate any help from the community. While researching the market, we have noticed that the...

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How does technology help improve workplace communication?


I want to know what the resemblance is between technology and improving workplace communication.

How can we get professional buyers to come to our fashion show?


My company is planning on holding a fashion show in July 2020 in Thailand. We're looking for ways to invite professional buyers to the show. How we can get in touch with the right people and get them...

How to Jump-Start Your 2020 Marketing Campaign

BY Thomas Griffin

How can get your 2020 marketing campaign off the ground. Use voice search, mobile marketing, personalization and more.

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5 Traditional Advertising Methods That Still Work

BY Chris Porteous

Here is why these methods remain effective and how you can exploit them to the greatest extent possible.

What are some tips to increase an e-commerce site's success?

QUESTION | BY Andrew Martins | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/07/19

When it comes to running an e-commerce site, what are some sure fire ways make sure you're doing everything you can to make it as successful as possible? Are there things that should absolutely be...

How do I get more people to see and engage in my blog?

QUESTION | BY ida ayu chandra dewi | 22 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/07/19

I have had my blog for a long time, but no one has left messages or comments. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get more people to see my blog and engage in it. If you want to see my blog is...

How do I effectively market my software development company?


I'm a software developer. I'm very good at it and I love doing it. I've work for a lot of large companies over the years and for the last year and a half have been running my own software...

How can I use social media to build brand awareness for my sports management website?

QUESTION | BY Apoorva Tomar | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/07/19

I want to start a social media campaign to create brand awareness for my product based website (a sports website related to event management). The website is currently live and is already earning...

What can I do to attract more clientle?

QUESTION | BY Rebecca Pfanner | 25 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/07/19

I was posting frequently on Facebook but slowed down due to the upcoming policy changes. I also posted on LinkedIn to connect with individuals on my 'list' and utilize my company's tools in this...

What is the best way to advertise your business if you do not have a marketing budget?

QUESTION | BY Keith Williams | 23 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/07/19

I have very little if no money to advertise my business. What are some inexpensive or free ways to effectively market your products and services

The Challenges of Protecting Patient Data With Telemedicine

BY James Wantuck

As more appointments and medical records move online, the number of data breaches rises. How can digital healthcare improve security?

Use Your Competitors' Keywords to Create a Superior SEO Strategy

BY Sergey Grybniak

Use these SEO tactics to learn from your competitors and improve your website's rankings.

How can we find and target companies that need outsourced IT services?


I am trying to find companies that need IT services. Harrison-Kern Pty Ltd is an outsourced IT managed service company. So I am looking for companies with 10-150 employees and do not have a dedicated...

How can I use Quora for marketing my business?

QUESTION | BY Morgan Akchehirlian | 5 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/05/19

I'm working on marketing for my new vacation rental business and some of my friends suggested to me by answering Quora questions related to your industry with a website link, it can help to increase...