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Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

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Can guest post or articles on high DA websites get traffic to your website?
By Anonymous User | 4 Answers | Last Activity on October 01, 2020

There are many freelancers on fiverr offering services to guest post or publish articles on high DA websites like I doubt whether they really drive traffic. In my opinion, the editor of...

Pinterest for Business Marketing
By Marisa Sanfilippo | September 30, 2020

When you're deciding on the components of your social media marketing strategy, one platform you might want to consider is Pinterest.

How can I monitor my employees in the workplace?
By Lina Jackie | 17 Answers | Last Activity on September 30, 2020

Employees use cell phones and PCs for many reasons such as storing work files within mobile phones, tabs, pads, and computers. The kind of data employees store in devices could be valuable for the...

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How much Branding is important for your business?
By rick anderson | 6 Answers | Last Activity on September 30, 2020

Importance of Branding, Branding is compulsory for business or not? How much difference of revenue with or without branding. I know Branding is important for now but many businesses are run without...

The Best Business Uses of Microsoft Word
By Jennifer Post | September 29, 2020

Microsoft Word offers a lot more options than you might think.

How do I market the opening of my new clothing store?
By Sumayyha Singh | 11 Answers | Last Activity on September 28, 2020

I'd like to open a retail store selling clothes but I have no idea how to market my clothing store and get customers to trust and buy my product lines. I need help when it comes to marketing. What...

12 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business
By Marisa Sanfilippo | September 28, 2020

Check out these tips to help drive your Instagram marketing strategy toward better engagement and higher ROI.

How much should you budget for online marketing?
By Sami Salahat | 17 Answers | Last Activity on September 28, 2020

I started into eCommerce store 10 years ago. Now one of my sites has grown in size to 100,000 products. Even so, the orders coming in don't cover the website expenses. I have a full-time job...

9 Twitter Best Practices for Business
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 28, 2020

Being successful on Twitter requires more than just keeping your message within the character limit.

Choosing the Best Online Reputation Management Service
By Karina Fabian | September 28, 2020

Is your business's reputation failing? Here's how to choose the best online reputation management service to save your brand.

Where can I go to outsource my sales?
By Naveen Ullal | 9 Answers | Last Activity on September 27, 2020

I am looking for someone to create and manage a sales team for me to sell my products. In other words, This is an Internet Marketing/ Home business company and I have the Resell rights to the...

Is Facebook really neccessary for a start up business?
By Wynand Marais | 17 Answers | Last Activity on September 26, 2020

I am active on other social media sites, but I am trying to steer clear of Facebook because I had a bad experience with it. Will it hurt me in the long run to not have a Facebook page to advertise my...

What is your advice on getting started with 3D printing? Could you recomend any good institutions/organizations for a crash course?
By Pradeep Prabhu | 7 Answers | Last Activity on September 25, 2020

Looking at venturing into 3D printing in India catering to multiple industries like manufacturing, modeling etc. How can I receive the best guidance/advice on 3D printing?

Break Writer's Block with These 6 Brainstorming Tips
By Syed Balkhi | September 25, 2020

Brainstorming content ideas for future posts isn't always easy, but it's a necessary step in the creative process.

Business Domain Names: Everything You Need to Know
By Max Freedman | September 25, 2020

Your choice of a domain name is important. Here's how to make sure you choose the right domain name for your business.

What are the features that an employee productivity tracking tool must-have?
By Anonymous User | 3 Answers | Last Activity on September 25, 2020

I want to know about the features that a best or good employee productivity tracking tool must-have. The features that can help to select the best tool for measuring employee producutivity.

What Are Promoted Tweets, and How Do They Work?
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 25, 2020

Promoted tweets are a great way to increase sales and boost engagement on Twitter. Learn what they are and how they work; then get nine tips to help you run a successful promoted tweet strategy.

Sign on the Line: 5 Steps to Closing the Sale
By Max Freedman | September 24, 2020

Closing a sale is an art. With these five steps, you can close any sale and build an ongoing relationship with a prospect or client.

How important is reputation management to your business and what agency do you use?
By Skye Schooley | 10 Answers | Last Activity on September 24, 2020

There are several reputation management companies out there with claims to clean up your online reputation. 1. How important is online reputation management to your small business? 2. What...

Benefits of ERP for Manufacturing?
By Anonymous User | 3 Answers | Last Activity on September 24, 2020

7 Key benefits of ERP for Manufacturing 1. Automate and optimize workflow 2. Get a boost in productivity levels 3. No compromise in quality! 4. Make informed strategic decisions 5. Reduce your...

What kind of education or course do you need to become a voice actor?
By Neha Sharma | 4 Answers | Last Activity on September 23, 2020

I am just starting out in the field of voice overs and wanted to know which courses would be useful to kick start my career in this field? Also, which technical skills should I hone to become a...

What Big Data Means for Your Small Business
By Andrew Martins | September 23, 2020

In an increasingly digital world, the amount of data a small business must parse gets larger by the year. Learn what big data means for your SMB.

Key User Experience Principles to Boost Your Site Conversion Rate
By Daniel Ndukwu | September 22, 2020

A visitor's user experience on your website goes a long way toward determining whether they buy from you regularly or never return.

Sales Tips 101: How to Sell Anything to Anybody
By Max Freedman | September 22, 2020

If you want to be able to sell your business's products and services with ease, this guide has the tips you need to make it happen.

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Data Analytics
By Ryan Ayers | September 22, 2020

Small businesses can benefit from big data technology to derive actionable insights to improve their organization.

Are there cons to using one business card for more than one of your businesses?
By Samwel M P | 18 Answers | Last Activity on September 22, 2020

I want to to know if is there any negative effect of putting all of your business brands on one professional business card. Are there pros or cons to this? What are the merits of that idea? Thanks!

As an early tech start-up, should I hire developers or outsource work?
By Kiran Patel | 26 Answers | Last Activity on September 22, 2020

Being a startup you most definitely are in need of services that are reliable and affordable at the same time.

What are challenges advertisers face today?
By Y. Yogi Raj | 10 Answers | Last Activity on September 22, 2020

There has been significant growth in digital advertising industry with many rich media, interactive ad options. However, there must be challenges advertisers face today. Wondering if some experienced...

Thriving Beyond COVID-19: The New Marketing Model for Small Businesses
By Paxton Gray | September 21, 2020

The effects the pandemic has had on small businesses could be long-lasting. It's crucial to adopt a practical and forward-looking marketing strategy.

Features of POS Systems
By Sean Peek | September 21, 2020

Find out which features to look for when you're shopping for a new POS system.