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Marketing and Sales

Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

Latest in Marketing News: Advice, Tips and Resources

What Is SMS for Business?
By David Gargaro | February 02, 2024

Use SMS messaging in text message marketing campaigns to reach customers on their mobile devices. Learn the types of SMS messages and how to use them.

10 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your PPC Strategy
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective marketing strategy. Learn tips for improving your PPC plan and generating new customers for your business.

The Survival Guide to the Decline of Facebook’s Organic Reach
By Jolina Landicho | February 02, 2024

: Facebook has seen an organic reach drop recently. Learn about Facebook's algorithm changes, what it means for marketers and how to improve your reach.

How to Network on LinkedIn Like a Pro
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professional networking. Learn tips for LinkedIn networking and why an active LinkedIn presence is crucial.

How to Avoid Creating an Annoying Email Campaign
By Andrew Martins | February 02, 2024

Email marketing campaigns can do more harm than good. Learn 10 best practices for email marketing to ensure effectiveness and better customer responses.

Automated Email Sequence Examples
By Marisa Sanfilippo | February 02, 2024

You can keep your customers more engaged by using automated email sequences, which looks at their actions and behaviors and helps you craft better campaigns.

Why Every Business Should Be Using Multiple Social Media Accounts
By Julie Thompson | February 02, 2024

Successful companies use multiple social media platforms to stay competitive. Here's why you shouldn’t rely only on Facebook and X (Twitter).

Why Every Brand Should Have a YouTube Channel
By Ron Stefanski | February 02, 2024

YouTube can put your business in front of a global audience and build your brand. Learn why YouTube is necessary and how to succeed on the video platform.

Big Data, Big Impact: How Data Improves Your Social Media Marketing
By Mark Fairlie | February 02, 2024

Big data, together with AI, can help you find your target audience and communicate with it more effectively than ever before.

The Psychology of Sales
By Max Freedman | February 02, 2024

There is a lot of psychology involved in trying to make a sale. Here are the key principles to understand when you're marketing to your customers.

What Is Opt-in Email Marketing?
By Jennifer Post | February 02, 2024

Opt-in email marketing helps reach prospects who have already shown interest in your products or services and are more likely to buy. Learn how it works.

Your Guide to Creating a Small Business Marketing Plan
By Skye Schooley | February 02, 2024

A marketing plan is essential for winning over customers. Follow these marketing plan templates and guidelines to create your marketing plan today.

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4 Signs It’s Time Your Business Should Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency
By Kimberlee Leonard | February 02, 2024

Outsourcing your marketing may improve results. Learn when a business should partner with a digital marketing agency and how it can grow your company.

Why You Need a Mix of Push and Pull Marketing
By Sammi Caramela | February 02, 2024

Push marketing sends your message to consumers while pull marketing is when customers come to you. Learn how and when to use push and pull marketing.

How to Create a New Brand Image From Scratch
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

Creating a brand image is a crucial marketing task to establish a brand identity. Learn what's involved in a new brand image and branding do's and don'ts.

Guide to Email Marketing
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 02, 2024

Email is a crucial marketing channel for small businesses. Learn the basics of effective email marketing tactics and how to stay compliant with email laws.

Not Just a Game: Legal Considerations for Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

Contests and sweepstakes can be an engaging part of your social media marketing strategy. However, you must understand the laws governing their usage.

How to Grow Your Email List
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 02, 2024

Your email list's quality is a critical element in your email marketing campaign's success. Learn 25 ways to grow an email list and what mistakes to avoid.

GDPR: Email Marketing in the Age of Digital Privacy
By Adam Uzialko | February 02, 2024

Digital privacy laws can impact how a business does email marketing campaigns. Here is what you should know before you push send.

Reinventing Business Intelligence: 10 Ways Big Data Is Changing Business
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

What is big data, and how can you use it to increase your business's success?

sales pitch presentation
Use These Jedi Mind Tricks to Make Customers Spend More
By Mike Berner | February 01, 2024

Want to increase your retail sales fast? Check out the psychological tricks proven to get customers spending more.

Top 12 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now
By Julie Thompson | February 01, 2024

Get business inspiration and tips from the best of the best in the ad world.

Building Brand Intimacy: How to Emotionally Connect With Customers
By Julie Thompson | February 01, 2024

Emotions help power buying decisions and increase the likelihood that customers will recommend your company to others.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business With Charitable Marketing
By Julie Thompson | January 31, 2024

Helping the world can give your company a PR boost or tarnish its reputation. Here are five tips on how to give back successfully.

5 Tips to Become a Better Business Storyteller
By Jennifer Post | January 24, 2024

Your customers seek entertainment and telling them a good story can create deeper connections, boost sales and drive company growth.

Put a Smiley on It: Should You Use Emojis in Business Communications?
By Sean Peek | January 19, 2024

Here’s how emojis add emotion to conversations, creating richer and more meaningful conversations by clarifying the tone of the written conversation.

User-Generated Content: More Than Customer Reviews
By Kimberlee Leonard | January 17, 2024

User-generated content (UGC) can help your brand engage customers and boost sales. Learn how to encourage UGC to increase trust, engagement and sales.

Why Efficient Customer Service Is Better Than Friendly Customer Service
By Jamie Johnson | January 11, 2024

Greeting your customers with a smile is important, but efficiency matters even more. Learn how to provide efficient customer service.

Are Chatbots AI? How to Differentiate Chatbots From Conversational AI
By Mark Fairlie | January 11, 2024

Chatbot technology is changing. Here is how businesses can use the tool to create a better customer experience on their websites and more.

HubSpot CRM Review and Pricing
By Mark Fairlie | January 08, 2024

HubSpot is a great CRM system for businesses seeking sales and marketing integration to drive revenue and manage funnels. Learn more about HubSpot CRM.