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Marketing and Sales

Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

Latest in Marketing News: Advice, Tips and Resources

Features of Call Center Systems
By Sean Peek | April 04, 2024

Call center systems can improve customer service and sales calls. Learn their features and capabilities and how your business can incorporate call centers.

6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence
By Jennifer Dublino | April 04, 2024

Social media marketing is an effective and affordable way to connect with your target market. Follow these tips to strengthen your social media presence.

Entrepreneurs, Take Note: 5 Trends in Online Purchasing Habits
By Jennifer Dublino | April 04, 2024

E-commerce stores must stay on top of consumer shopping behavior. Learn about consumer trends and how to attract online customers via e-commerce platforms.

Businessman working on a laptop
How to Boost Online Awareness of Your Brand
By Devon Vocke | April 03, 2024

Without effective brand awareness, your business will get buried by the competition. Here's how to make your business stand out online.

Make It Memorable: Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Name
By Jennifer Dublino | April 03, 2024

Your brand's name is the foundation for all your future marketing and sales communications. Follow these tips to make it the best possible brand name.

office meeting
Marketing Fail: 5 Customers Who Want to Destroy Your Business
By Andrew McDermott | April 02, 2024

Predatory customers are hurting your business. Learn the five types of toxic customers you may face and how to stop marketing to them.

The Psychology of Choice: How Your Business Can Leverage Customer Decision-Making
By Jamie Johnson | April 01, 2024

The psychology of choice means the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a decision. Learn how to use this to your business's advantage.

Time for Change: When to Rebrand and How to Begin the Process
By Julie Thompson | April 01, 2024

Businesses rebrand for various reasons, including growth and new market outreach. Learn how to begin rebranding and what rebranding mistakes to avoid.

Your Best Asset: The Power of Customer Loyalty and its Significance
By Max Freedman | April 01, 2024

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial for a business' long-term growth. Learn why customer loyalty is critical and how to build and maintain it.

How New-Age Social Media Marketing Is Changing and What You Need to Know
By Aaron Irmas | April 01, 2024

Social media marketing is effective for brands, but it's evolving rapidly. Learn how to leverage social media marketing today and identify future trends.

How to Create Community Around Your Brand
By Jennifer Dublino | April 01, 2024

Cultivating a fan community around your brand and products can create marketing and retention opportunities. Learn how to build a robust brand community.

5 Strategies for Building Brand Trust Through Video
By Joe Forte | April 01, 2024

Video marketing brings brand exposure while building trust with customers. Learn five strategies for building brand trust and customer loyalty with video.

12 Best Ways to Use Business Texting
By David Gargaro | April 01, 2024

Text message marketing can be a big benefit to a business. Learn 12 ways to use business texting to streamline operations and the benefits of SMS marketing.

Learn by Example: 5 Successful Small Business Marketing Campaigns
By Sean Peek | April 01, 2024

Marketing is especially important for small businesses that want to expand their reach. Learn how five businesses found success with impactful campaigns.

5 Steps to Engaging Your Audience on Social Media
By Rachelle Gordon | April 01, 2024

Social media followers are key to growing your brand reputation. Learn how to engage your social media audience with strategic content and other practices.

What Should You Do When a Client Ignores You?
By Lauren Kubiak | April 01, 2024

Is your client dodging your emails and calls? It might be time to move forward. Here's how to handle the situation.

Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing: Where, When and How to Use Them
By Jennifer Dublino | April 01, 2024

SMS marketing is text message marketing and mobile marketing refers to a multichannel digital marketing strategy. Learn how to use both marketing methods.

hands using a smartphone
Text Message Laws Every Business Needs to Follow
By Danielle Fallon-O’Leary | April 01, 2024

Learn the laws governing text message marketing to avoid significant fines and legal issues in your SMS marketing campaigns.

hands using a smartphone
MMS vs. SMS: Which Is Best for Text Message Marketing?
By Mark Fairlie | April 01, 2024

SMS and MMS are two different ways to send text messages. Learn how to choose the right one for your small business’s marketing campaign.

How to Build Brand Advocacy in 6 Simple Steps
By Jennifer Dublino | March 25, 2024

Brand advocacy is when customers are so happy with your brand that they promote it. Learn how to encourage organic advocacy and find brand ambassadors.

The 5:3:2 Rule for Social Media Explained
By Jennifer Dublino | March 19, 2024

Social followers don't always want a hard sell, but you must accomplish business goals. Learn what to post and how much of each content type is optimal.

businessman talking on a phone in an office setting
Sell Yourself: 7 Secrets to Appearing Confident During a Sales Pitch
By Julie Thompson | March 18, 2024

Learn how to feel more confident during sales presentations.

6 Ways Email Automation Can Elevate Your Customer Support
By Sean Peek | March 15, 2024

Use these strategies to automate your email communications without coming across as cold to your customers.

What Is Sales Pipeline Management?
By Nicole Fallon | March 08, 2024

Discover what a sales pipeline is, how to manage it, and ways to optimize your own pipeline.

10 Reasons Brands Should Use Text Message Marketing
By Skye Schooley | March 04, 2024

Text message marketing is an easy way to boost your digital marketing efforts. Learn why and how you should use it.

10 Ways to Get Good Customer Reviews
By Skye Schooley | March 01, 2024

Online review platforms are the new Yellow Pages. Here's how to bring in more positive online reviews for your business.

Pin It to Win It: The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising on Pinterest
By Jennifer Dublino | February 28, 2024

There are compelling reasons to advertise on Pinterest. Learn about promoted pins, idea pins, try-on-product pins, collection ads and more. 

Tips to Improve Customer Service on Your E-commerce Site
By Max Freedman | February 28, 2024

When you sell online, it's essential to make customer service personable. Learn how to sell excellent service, not just a product.

Projection Mapping and the Law: What Advertisers Should Know
By Sean Peek | February 28, 2024

Projection mapping is a great way to impress customers and brand your business, but you should look into the legal implications first.

Turn It Up: Aggressive Marketing Strategies for Startups in Any Industry
By Rachelle Gordon | February 16, 2024

If you've got a product ready to go, how do you market it so that you can sell as many as possible in a short time? Learn some strategies here.