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Marketing and Sales

Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

Latest in Marketing News: Advice, Tips and Resources

The 5:3:2 Rule for Social Media Explained
By Jennifer Dublino | March 19, 2024

Social followers don't always want a hard sell, but you must accomplish business goals. Learn what to post and how much of each content type is optimal.

businessman talking on a phone in an office setting
Sell Yourself: 7 Secrets to Appearing Confident During a Sales Pitch
By Julie Thompson | March 18, 2024

Learn how to feel more confident during sales presentations.

6 Ways Email Automation Can Elevate Your Customer Support
By Sean Peek | March 15, 2024

Use these strategies to automate your email communications without coming across as cold to your customers.

What Is Sales Pipeline Management?
By Nicole Fallon | March 08, 2024

Discover what a sales pipeline is, how to manage it, and ways to optimize your own pipeline.

10 Reasons Brands Should Use Text Message Marketing
By Skye Schooley | March 04, 2024

Text message marketing is an easy way to boost your digital marketing efforts. Learn why and how you should use it.

10 Ways to Get Good Customer Reviews
By Skye Schooley | March 01, 2024

Online review platforms are the new Yellow Pages. Here's how to bring in more positive online reviews for your business.

Pin It to Win It: The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising on Pinterest
By Jennifer Dublino | February 28, 2024

There are compelling reasons to advertise on Pinterest. Learn about promoted pins, idea pins, try-on-product pins, collection ads and more. 

Tips to Improve Customer Service on Your E-commerce Site
By Max Freedman | February 28, 2024

When you sell online, it's essential to make customer service personable. Learn how to sell excellent service, not just a product.

Projection Mapping and the Law: What Advertisers Should Know
By Sean Peek | February 28, 2024

Projection mapping is a great way to impress customers and brand your business, but you should look into the legal implications first.

Turn It Up: Aggressive Marketing Strategies for Startups in Any Industry
By Rachelle Gordon | February 16, 2024

If you've got a product ready to go, how do you market it so that you can sell as many as possible in a short time? Learn some strategies here.

Online Reputation Management, and Why It Is Important
By Danielle Fallon-O’Leary | February 15, 2024

This guide describes online reputation management and how brands can use it to keep their public image positive.

Review CRM Review and Pricing
By Mark Fairlie | February 14, 2024

monday Sales CRM helps SMBs grow and manage all aspects of their operations. Learn how monday can help you customize sales and marketing workflows.

4 Benefits of Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Every business can benefit from social media, no matter its size or industry. Learn four benefits of using social media and pitfalls to watch out for.

Business owner working on a laptop
Reengagement Email Strategy (With Examples)
By Max Freedman | February 14, 2024

Learn what a reengagement email marketing strategy is, and see examples of how companies have recaptured the attention of their audiences.

woman on camera making a video
Has Influencer Marketing Peaked?
By Julie Thompson | February 14, 2024

While marketing tactics often shift, influencers still get results when endorsing brands. Here is what a company needs to know.

5 Ways to Increase Sales With Business Text Messages
By Elijah Masek-Kelly | February 14, 2024

Connecting to your audience via text messaging can help a business grow. Learn tips for texts that engage leads, reduce no-shows, qualify leads and more.

How to Draft an Email Newsletter (With templates)
By Rachelle Gordon | February 14, 2024

Your business's email newsletter can nurture leads and add value to your brand. Learn how to draft an email newsletter as part of your marketing plan.

Email Analytics You Should Be Tracking
By Sean Peek | February 14, 2024

Your business should track certain email analytics. Learn how to create better marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement and drive more conversions.

The Most Popular Giveaway Items for Customers
By Sean Peek | February 14, 2024

Is your business looking to give out promotional products? Consider these smart and trendy gift ideas.

13 Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Holiday Sales
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Many businesses bring in the bulk of their revenue during the holidays. Learn how to maximize holiday sales and when to devise and implement your strategy.

Why You Should Advertise on Podcasts
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Podcast advertising can be a cost-effective marketing solution that earns listener trust. Learn why advertising on podcasts works and how to get started.

online shopping
5 Tips to Reduce Friction on Your E-Commerce Website
By Chris Christoff | February 14, 2024

Anything that slows e-commerce website browsing or makes it difficult to navigate causes friction. Learn to reduce friction and increase online sales.

Email Pop-Up Benefits and Examples
By Rachelle Gordon | February 14, 2024

Email pop-up boxes can help grow your business. Learn more in this complete guide.

The 5 Best Sources of B2B Lead Prospects
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Prospects are audience members whose brand engagement levels indicate they could become customers. Learn where to find B2B leads and how to develop them.

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Affiliate Marketing
By Adam Enfroy | February 14, 2024

Launching an affiliate marketing program isn't as daunting or costly as you might think. Learn how your small business can benefit from it.

15 Successful Text Message Marketing Examples
By Shannon Flynn | February 14, 2024

Text message marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your customers. See some SMS marketing examples and adapt them to your campaign.

How to Reduce Abandoned E-Commerce Carts With Email Marketing
By Skye Schooley | February 14, 2024

Shopping cart abandonment represents lost web sales. Learn how to use email marketing campaigns to reduce and recover abandoned e-commerce shopping carts.

How Do You Sustain and Grow Your Customer Relationships?
By Chad Brooks | February 14, 2024

The most important thing in sales and marketing is to attract and retain your most profitable business customers. Get tips and strategies.

How to Make Money in Retirement: A Guide to Turning a Hobby Into a Side Business
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Many retirees have turned side interests into income. Learn how to make money in retirement, including getting started, getting funding and paying taxes.

Email Design Guide (With Examples)
By Rachelle Gordon | February 13, 2024

Email is a critical marketing tool. Discover how to design your own in this complete guide that includes best practices and campaign examples.