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Oracle Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: July 12, 2018

Oracle is a large company with social media monitoring and engagement packages priced for businesses looking for a way to get their fingers on the pulse of the internet. Its social relationship management program, Oracle Social Cloud, provides comprehensive social listening and analysis, plus a full range of back-office and social engagement features. Combined with a full suite of support options that include professional forums, this service is pricier than most social media monitoring software but well suited for enterprise-level businesses.

Oracle Social Cloud's social media monitoring system listens to over 40 million sites a day in over 28 languages across the globe. These include blogs and news sites, social media networks, and video and image sites. It combines Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its own proprietary algorithms to augment your keywords when picking out slang. According to Oracle, LSA has an accuracy of up to 94% in judging the emotion behind a statement, while NLP has 64% accuracy. Combined with its own algorithms, it claims a conservative 70 to 80 percent accuracy based on in-house testing.

This software has excellent social analytics. It can read cues for profession and education as well as identify the usual demographics, and it can integrate with several third-party analytic tools. It maintains all your data in an archive so you can track trends.

Oracle has a full social engagement arm. It emails you if there is a spike in activity, and you can set rules for prioritizing posts you see in your stream or for forwarding certain posts to other departments. The software is mobile responsive. You can post individual replies from the software, plus schedule posts across some or all of your social media platforms. You can assign and collaborate with others to respond to people who have posted complaints, kudos or items of interest.

Integration drives Oracle's mission. It has prebuilt connectivity with all its own customer service products, including marketing, service and commerce, making it an excellent all-in-one solution. It also has application interface programming to integrate Oracle Social Cloud data to outside web analytics software.

Your dedicated account manager is matched to your business to give you personalized service. The website has a great deal of information, such as FAQs, white papers, a blog and specialized training. Topics and training aren't limited to the software or social media monitoring. There are forum communities for users in different areas of expertise, developers who use the software and community leaders.

Oracle offers a multitude of social media management and commerce solutions, including a social relationship management cloud. As a result, you can find not only excellent monitoring and analysis tools, but also a strong social engagement arm and integration with other features, both within the Oracle suite and outside it.

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