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TriNet HRO Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

TriNet is a full-service human resources (HR) outsourcing company that offers industry-specific solutions and support. The company serves a variety of industries, especially architecture and engineering, consulting, education, e-commerce, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, nonprofits, retail, wholesale and technology.

TriNet HRO

TriNet HRO

The Verdict

TriNet is a full-service PEO and human resources (HR) outsourcing company that offers industry-specific solutions and support.

With an industry-specialized support team, TriNet is available to strategically help you with your HR needs. This HR outsourcing provider can assist with services such as onboarding, HR best practices, talent retention, workers' compensation, risk management, employee benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, expense management, payroll processing, payroll tax filing and employee training. Thanks to its customized contracts, industry-specific HR support and 24/7 live-chat assistance, TriNet is our choice for the best HR outsourcing solution for customer support.

Pricing/Value 9.5
Features 8.7
Expertise 9.6
Ease of use 9.3
Customer support 9.1
Editor's score 9.2

TriNet Human Resource Outsourcing Pricing and Terms

TriNet offers HR outsourcing and consulting services for small and midsize businesses. Its features are bundled and charged per month, but your exact plan and pricing will vary based on your specific business. Because TriNet focuses on tailoring its solutions to meet the needs of its customers, you can choose a contract length that works best for your company. Instead of being locked into a long-term contract, you can pay on an ongoing basis and cancel at any time by submitting a written notice 30 days in advance. Keep in mind that cancellation fees may apply in certain situations.

Although TriNet has a flexible plan structure, it does require customers to have a minimum of five employees for its HRO services. This employee minimum is relatively standard in the HR outsourcing industry. Part of what makes TriNet appealing is that it can scale your plan as your team grows and adjust the pricing accordingly.

FYIFYI: It's easy to reach a representative to discuss options and pricing.

TriNet Features

TriNet is a comprehensive human resources outsourcing solution, offering businesses assistance with many important HR functions. Instead of trying to handle every HR responsibility on your own, you get industry-specialized assistance in areas such as payroll, employee benefits, employee onboarding and retention, time and attendance, risk and compliance, expense management and employee development.

HR Services

TriNet has HR specialists who can help you successfully acquire, retain and manage top talent. The company can assist with tasks such as recruiting and onboarding new employees, creating legally compliant HR policies, writing employee handbooks, abiding by human resources best practices, and providing termination and dispute assistance.

TriNet has applicant-tracking features to help you recruit and hire the right candidates.

TriNet also offers compensation benchmark reports that provide competitive employee compensation insight based on several factors, including responsibilities, competencies, skills, licenses, certifications, years of experience and education requirements. This is a great way to ensure you are paying your employees appropriately, which can result in higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Payroll and Taxes

TriNet can help small and midsize businesses process payroll and manage expenses. The self-service platform is ideal for employees to manage payroll details, like enrolling in direct deposit, tracking paid time off, viewing paystubs and accessing W-2s. TriNet can also aid in time and attendance tracking, so your employees will be paid accurately.

TriNet's dashboard makes it easy to track and manage time and attendance.

TriNet handles all of your payroll tax responsibilities, including withholding federal, state and local taxes, and then filing and submitting the withholdings to the appropriate parties. The company can also manage electronic W-2 preparation and delivery, as well as unemployment taxes and claims.

Employee Benefits Administration

Through TriNet, businesses can administer quality employee benefits. The company's premium-level group benefit offerings include medical, dental, vision and disability insurance; transit benefits; and employee retirement savings plans. TriNet also offers voluntary benefits, like life insurance, pet insurance, hospital indemnity plans, accident coverage, discounted auto/home policies and critical illness policies. If administering employee benefits is your top HR priority, you can also check out our review of ADP.

Risk and Compliance

TriNet customers can receive specialized support to manage risk and compliance for their organization. TriNet representatives are experts in specialized fields, so they can help you with risk management and compliance measures that are unique to your business and industry. The TriNet team includes experts in a wide range of areas, including payroll and benefits compliance, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, employment practices risk management (claims prevention and mitigation), workplace risk management and workers' compensation.

Whether you need help managing multiple unemployment insurance claims or administering unemployment benefits, TriNet can support you.

Employee Training and Development

TriNet offers multiple training and development solutions to help with talent retention. The company's online learning management system (LMS) gives employees access to more than 500 interactive courses that can be accessed from any web-based platform. The courses are optimized for targeted training and give employees a way to learn new skills, progress toward professional certifications and improve performance in the workplace.

Did you know?Did you know? You can access TriNet training courses on subjects such as accounting, finance, workplace ethics, business writing, computer skills and compliance training.

Creating business leaders inside your organization can be crucial to success. TriNet helps with this by offering leadership training courses. Employees can participate in three leadership courses: Embracing Leadership, HR 101 and Respect in the Workplace.

Managers and employees can also use TriNet to set goals, gain real-time feedback and track performance. You can access custom or prebuilt review templates to easily create the right performance review for each situation. Performance reports are available with actionable metrics.

Customers can manage employee performance.

One unique benefit of TriNet is career transition support. Although helping a departing employee may not be top of mind to you, thoughtful offboarding can be a valuable way to both show your employees you care about them and maintain a positive company reputation. If an employee is leaving your organization, TriNet can assist them with skills such as résumé building, interviewing and financial planning.

Ease of Use

With TriNet's web-based dashboard, you get a clear view of human resources information from anywhere. You can view workforce analytics details, like compensation benchmark reports, as well as more than 20 standard payroll, billing and HR reports. Customers can also manage their data through custom reporting options, if needed.

TriNet users can run a variety of HR reports.

FYIFYI: You can schedule custom reports in advance to run automatically.

TriNet makes managing HR information simple for your employees, too. Through the company's self-service mobile app, available for iOS and Android, employees can view information like payment details and benefits, and manage functions such as expenses and time-off requests.

Employees can use the TriNet mobile app for on-the-go management tasks, like requesting time off.

Another part of what makes TriNet so easy to partner with is its experienced and knowledgeable support representatives. If you have a question or concern regarding the TriNet platform or human resources, you can quickly contact an agent to get the answers you're looking for. This can make a big difference in the overall ease of use of HR outsourcing for small businesses.  


One limitation of TriNet's HR outsourcing services is that customers must have a minimum of five employees. While this requirement is relatively common in the HR outsourcing industry, it is something to keep in mind if you have a very small business. If you are looking for an HR outsourcing company that has no employee minimum, read our review of Paychex.

Another potential limitation is TriNet's pricing. Although there is flexibility in both cost and contract length, TriNet bundles some of its HR features, such as payroll, employee benefits administration, risk mitigation, HR and a technology platform. While all of these are essential human resources functions, you may have wanted to handle some of them in-house. If that's the case, you may be paying for services you don't need.

Customer Support

TriNet's customer support is unrivaled. One big reason for this is the company's HR support solution, Connect 360, which gives you quick and accurate answers to your HR questions. TriNet offers 24/7 employee support via live webchat. You can also reach a representative by phone, email or an online contact form.

TriNet representatives specialize in a variety of topics – including payroll, employee benefits, compliance, HR policies, employee relations, performance management, talent acquisition and compensation – so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting your questions answered by a true expert.

If you want to learn more about TriNet services or HR-related topics on your own, you can also access TriNet's wealth of online resources, including a COVID-19 help center, articles, blogs, e-guides, white papers, flash polls, videos, demos and webinars.

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TriNet HRO

TriNet HRO

The Verdict

TriNet is a full-service PEO and human resources (HR) outsourcing company that offers industry-specific solutions and support.

Skye Schooley
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