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A complete resource for all your accounting needs. Here you can find a range of basic to advanced accounting information, resources, and best practices.

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Intuit QuickBooks Online Review
By editorial staff | November 07, 2022

Intuit QuickBooks Online is a top choice for accounting software with small businesses. Read our review and rating.

Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software Review
By Chad Brooks | November 07, 2022

Oracle NetSuite is a popular cloud-based ERP used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. It offers a comprehensive suite of integrated business management solutions.

Why Every Company Should Have a Business Savings Account
By Jamie Johnson | October 21, 2022

Learn why it makes fiscal sense for your company to have a dedicated business savings account.

Is It Time to Hire a CPA?
By Max Freedman | September 20, 2022

Knowing when to hire a CPA can have a dramatic impact on your business's financial health. Find out all of your tax options here.

How FinTech Is Changing Business (and Bank Accounts)
By Ryne Landers | September 20, 2022

FinTech is the financial technology fueling innovation in payment processing, lending, wealth management, and more. Learn how FinTech is changing business.

Guide to Employee Bonuses
By David Gargaro | September 20, 2022

This guide explains employee bonuses, regulations, tax considerations, and various bonus structures company owners and managers should consider.

How to Hire the Right Accountant for Your Business
By Simone Johnson | September 06, 2022

An accountant can add financial balance to your life. But how do you pick the right accountant for your business? Here are tips on how.

Retail Accounting: What You Need to Know About Inventory
By Chad Brooks | September 01, 2022

Every industry has its own accounting factors. Here are the different methods you can use for retail accounting.

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Accounting
By Katharine Paljug | September 01, 2022

Tax requirements for nonprofits are stringent. Follow our nonprofit accounting guide to stay on top of your finances.

Fixed and Variable Expenses: What Do These Terms Mean?
By Sammi Caramela | September 01, 2022

All businesses have both fixed and variable expenses. Here are the differences between the two.

What Is a Profit and Loss Statement?
By Jamie Johnson | August 15, 2022

A profit and loss statement (P&L) details a company's revenue and expenses. Learn how to create and read a P&L to grasp your business's health.

What Is General Ledger Accounting?
By Jamie Johnson | August 15, 2022

General ledger accounting means maintaining a general ledger, a record of a company's financial transactions. Here's what it includes and how it works.

Expense Tracking Services Buying Guide
By editorial staff | August 08, 2022

Which expense tracking service is right for you? Our buying guide explains what to look for in a provider and how to choose the best one for your needs.

person opening a paycheck
What Is a Discretionary Bonus?
By David Gargaro | August 02, 2022

Learn about discretionary bonuses and their regulatory and tax implications, as well as the bonus structures that best avoid triggering additional taxes.

9 Things to Look for in a Business Checking Account
By Meredith Wood | August 02, 2022

The business checking account you choose matters. Here's what to look for.

K-1s and How They Are Used
By Max Freedman | August 02, 2022

The IRS requires partnerships to use Schedule K-1 tax forms to distinguish between business income from the owners' personal income.

Bonus Depreciation: A Small Business Guide
By Kaylyn McKenna | August 02, 2022

Learn how bonus depreciation can reduce your tax liability.

What Is an Audited Financial Statement?
By Max Freedman | August 02, 2022

Find out what an audited financial statement is, who prepares it, what information it contains, and why lenders want to see it.

How AI and Automation Technology Can Help Accountants
By Chad Brooks | August 02, 2022

The science of accounting is centuries old, but today's AI and automation technologies are challenging it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Statement of Shareholder Equity
By Donna Fuscaldo | August 02, 2022

A statement of shareholder equity can tell you if your business is doing well or if it's time to fine-tune some of your activities.

PayPal 1099: How to Report Self-Employment Income to the IRS
By Jamie Johnson | August 02, 2022

You have to report PayPal income to the IRS. Learn how PayPal tracks your income and how to fill out a PayPal 1099.

How to Create Payroll Journal Entries
By Max Freedman | July 01, 2022

Here's how to perfect your payroll journal entries to avoid facing IRS fines.

Everything You Need to Know About Cash Flow Statements
By Mona Bushnell | July 01, 2022

Learn why cash flow statements are a vital part of financial tracking and many financial activities.

Revenue vs. Income: What’s the Difference?
By Dock David Treece | July 01, 2022

Learn how the relationship between revenue and income affects your business and its value.

How to Start Budget Planning for Your Business
By Sean Peek | June 29, 2022

Business owners need budgets to help them manage money and meet financial goals. Learn how and why to start budget planning for your business.

What Are Retained Earnings?
By Dock David Treece | June 29, 2022

Retained earnings are a critical part of running and growing your business. Learn how retained earnings work and how to calculate them.

Financial Accounting
By Dock David Treece | June 29, 2022

Learn what every business owner needs to know about financial accounting, accounting software and financial statements.

What Is GAAP? A Guide to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
By Jamie Johnson | June 29, 2022

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) ensure accurate financial reporting and help investors make informed choices. Learn GAAP's rules.