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Best Facebook Marketing Strategies: The Latest Tips

Sudeep Banerjee

In the world of social media, Facebook is still the social network to advertise on and engage your audience. Make the most of your efforts.

The rising era of digital age makes social media presence a lasting trend.

There are several blog posts and articles that examine why businesses could suffer a huge loss for not having a proper social media strategy. More so, it is assumed that you have already have set up an account on every social media platform—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, however, Facebook continues to dominate the social media world.

In order to continue to capitalize on Facebook's reach and wide net, businesses must keep up-to-date with the latest for Facebook marketers. Here are some tips to optimize your marketing strategy.

Update Your Social Media Strategy

Facebook Mobile

According to eMarketer reports, approximately 1 billion users will access Facebook from their mobile devices. That is equivalent to nearly 70 percent of mobile users worldwide, or  three-quarters of mobile users by 2018. The US market will play a key role this year, with 80 percent of Facebook users accessing their account via mobile devices.

Mobile ads dominate the company's ad revenues, accounting for $10.9 billion, or 74 percent of their total revenue.

Try skewing your focus more towards making improvement on your Facebook mobile strategy. 

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Make Your Content Communication Responsive

The way you present your content now matters. With nearly half of the two billion mobile users worldwide now accessing Facebook, organic responses would bring you a better result. Your content needs to convert. Jonathan Coleman, one of Facebook's content strategist, sets out a clear content strategy platform when he defines content as:

"Simple, straightforward and human—with a strong set of standards in all of our work to ensure that we approach each new product from the standpoint of empathy for the user’s experience."

Engage Your Audience

Time to spend some quality moments in storytelling. A number of brands have taken this opportunity to connect with clients with meaningful, personal and relevant messages. In the light of this recent trend, Facebook too seems to have adopted the strategy as it had recently launched a program, called the "Creative Accelerator" to help brands explore the power of storytelling. 

Focus on Individual Demographic Interests to Reach Specific Targets

Facebook does not segment down their users by age. So, while one strategy could grab the attention of a specific target audience, this would unlikely influence everyone.

You can start implementing different interactive skills for different targets based on their interests, activities and behavior. The social platform will soon introduce a feature named Topic Data that would help business marketers to access data about their target audience in a way that Facebook suggests, "keeps personal information private."

For now, only a few selected Facebook partners can use this feature. Meanwhile, you may follow the path of other marketers who use Audience Insights, a powerful Facebook tool to access data like demographics, device usage, page likes, location and language and purchase activity to create separate strategies for different audience.

However, the social platform now aims to make page likes more meaningful by removing the number of like counts from already deactivated accounts. Those using the Audience Insights tool might witness a slight drop in their page like counts.

Facebook's Video Marketing Strategy Will Dominate YouTube

In the month of November 2014, a John Lewis Christmas special video ad when posted on Facebook got viral, receiving over 200,000 shares within the first 24 hours. Facebook now dominates the market in terms of social media shares.

  • Key Takeaway: Include Videos To Market Your Contents

All thanks to Facebook's 'share' feature. Sharing indicates that your post has managed to successfully elicit an emotional response from the target audience.

Integrate content marketing in your video marketing strategy. Videos make a powerful medium that lets your content stand out, when compared to ordinary content. With features like 'Auto Play' and 'Video Metrics,' video ads will soon become a strong marketing tool on Facebook.

New video marketing features to look forward to in the coming months:

  1. You can now choose to feature a video post on your Facebook's company timeline page.
  2. A video playlist will now feature under the video section of your Facebook page.
  3. You can reach more fans by posting your video directly on Facebook. Facebook takes note of the number of users who watch, like and share your videos and will use this data to share more of your video links on their news feed.

Using Multiple Social Platforms On One Platform

One new strategy that I would like to mention is the integration of multiple social platforms on a single platform.

For example, when you tweet something using your Twitter account, you get a minimum of 20 percent attention from your followers. Now in Facebook, your friend circle appears comparatively larger than Twitter and you stay connected with people who know you personally. That gets you approximately 80 percent of viewer attention when compared to Twitter.

When a Tweet Link gets posted, the featured image displayed on the news feed comes along with the following statement: "(Your Name) On Twitter." Your acquaintances would definitely get curious to learn your latest news on Twitter.

Make Your Status Updates Short and Interesting

Use short statements to quickly engage viewers. People tend to avoid lengthy text when scrolling downwards and prefer to surpass it.

Better yet, images speak a thousand words visually when you share it on Facebook. You can even use Vine to post a 15 second video on Facebook and watch it getting many number of shares, likes and comments. If you have some useful tutorial to post, then consider making short length videos that you can post serially on a particular date during peak hours when maximum number of people come online.

The key to every successful internet marketing strategy is implementing your techniques based on the latest statistics and trends. Add a touch of your own calculative approach and you would find yourself standing on a stronger platform to reach more targets.

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