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7 Great Time Clock Software Applications

Megan Totka
Megan Totka

Eliminate fraud and increase accuracy, efficiency with these 7 software apps.

In years past, a company would collect employees' time and attendance information with a time record book. Businesses with a larger number of employees used a mechanical punch clock that either punched holes in time cards or printed the time on the card. Close to payday, the cards were collected and the payroll tallied up. This was put into a ledger or a spreadsheet. The problem with a manual time and attendance tracking system is that the data collected and process leaves room for human error, and it relies heavily on the honesty of employees. It also takes extra time to process the information by the office administrator or payroll staff.

In today's digital world, it's easy to see the downfalls of this type of payroll system. 

There are many reasons why businesses have turned to time and attendance software – machines are able to do the work, and data is stored at a single point. It's easy to process the data, and reports can be simply generated. Time sheet software allows for added security features that eliminate the data collection of the old systems – people can't modify their punch card, and punching for a co-worker is eliminated. If you are considering time tracking software for your employees, take a look at these seven great software options.

1.Time Doctor

Time Doctor is time management software that works in real time, tracking employee tasks. It is helpful for companies tracking staff who work off-site and, overall, the software encourages employee productivity. Time Doctor records an employee's internet use and provides employers with a report of websites he or she visited. It also takes screenshots every three minutes to confirm employees are working and not spending their time on Facebook and surfing the web.

Research has shown that when companies start tracking employees' time, productivity soars. Time Doctor has various features it says will help increase employee productivity by 22 percent, helping your staff focus on projects that are the top priority. The reports the software provides are easy to view and generate.

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2. Kronos

Another time management software application is Kronos. It's one of the leading players in capital management. It offers a classic and intuitive approach to employee management. A benefit of Kronos is its various products span the management spectrum. The company provides software that handles hiring employees, scheduling, and time and attendance. Kronos also works seamlessly with your existing payroll service. This is a huge benefit for small businesses, because it can save valuable time that can be otherwise be spent on other critical tasks, such as product development.

The downside of Kronos is that it's a Microsoft-based program. For those who prefer using Macs, this may be an issue. Another drawback is that browser support comes through Internet Explorer only. There is no screenshot-tracking feature, so you can't verify the productivity of your employees.

3. Deputy

No matter how many employees and locations you have, Deputy can help you avoid the problem of missing hours and manual calculations. Employees can start and end shifts from any location using their mobile phones, the web app or an iPad kiosk at one of your locations. Deputy also makes it easy to communicate – a key way to supercharge your business growth

The application makes the process hassle-free for employers and employees alike. Time sheet software puts an end to spreadsheets and, instead, means that hours are tracked automatically and reports are generated in real time. Deputy offers 24/7 support and restoring features with every plan.


With, you can see who's clocked in from the dashboard and manage employees' time sheets in the cloud with the help of GPS tracking. You can review real-time totals and run reports anytime. Whether you're in the office, working from home, or at the airport, allows you to know instantly what is happening at work. Employees appreciate that they can punch in with a single click as well as leave work notes and request time clock adjustments from one screen.

Employers can feel confident knowing where employees who clock in using the mobile site are located and are where they are supposed to be. Geolocation, or GPS tracking, records the location of team members who work remotely in the field. The data is available instantly to the managers at headquarters. The service can be locked if you don’t’ want your employees clocking in and out via their mobile phones.

5. ExakTime

This time clock software is well liked by businesses and employees because of its easy app for workers and managers. All data syncs to cloud-based time clock software to make it easy to manage employees. Over 7,500 companies around the United States and the world use ExakTime to track employees each day.

Like many software options, ExakTime eliminates human error to speed payroll processing. ExakTime is secure – records are stored in the cloud for simple access. There are many ways online collaboration tools can boost company productivity, and a solid time management program is one of them.

6. When I Work

This time clock app for iPad and Android tablets allows you to set up your terminal in seconds. Now that many employees are mobile, it's important to have time clock software that is too. Employees need to be able to clock in from their phones. 

When I Work offers GPS tracking so you know whether or not employees are at the right place. The When I Work Time Clock modules make time tracking easy so employers can quickly prepare time sheets for payroll processing. The software even offers mobile attendance alerts so you’re aware if an employee hasn't punched in yet.


On The Clock features customer reviews on its website, and has an average of 4.7 stars based on 941 reviews due to its affordability, GPS tracking and free phone apps. This time clock software makes it easy for employees to clock in – there is even an option to clock in using your fingerprint. On The Clock offers a PTO system, simple time card editing, and a Who's In page where managers can see who is clocked in or out all on a single page. The company offers a 30-day free trial so you can test the software first before you commit.

Time and attendance software will make employees and employers both happy with its ease of use and accuracy. Make sure you choose the right time and attendance software to help you stay compliant with federal and state regulations and save you hours of precious time.

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