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What’s the Best Office Design? Staples Executive Offers Insight
By Chad Brooks | June 29, 2022

Staples executive Chris DeMeo discusses current trends in office design and the elements he believes are critical for a successful workspace.

13 Ways to Improve Your Office Workflow
By Jennifer Post | June 29, 2022

Does your daily workflow feel hectic or like there's never enough time? Here are some ways to make it smoother.

8 Ways to Resolve Conflict Between Your Sales and Marketing Teams
By Nick Hollinger | June 29, 2022

Learn how to identify and resolve conflict between your sales and marketing teams, and discover how your business benefits when they work well together.

What Is Disciplinary Action?
By Sean Peek | February 16, 2022

Every company must have a disciplinary action policy to address concerning employee behavior, misconduct or poor performance. Learn how to create one.

10 Core Functions of HR Software
By Laura Handrick | February 16, 2022

What core functions do HR departments handle? Find out whether keeping HR in-house or outsourcing is best for your business.

4 Steps to Effective Employee Performance Management
By Laura Handrick | November 09, 2021

Develop a strong employee performance management strategy by adopting these best practices.

Engage PEO Review
By Skye Schooley | May 21, 2020

Engage PEO provides a solid offering in human resources, risk management, payroll and benefits services. It also has a strong training program that includes onsite and online training on a variety of...

XcelHR Review
By Skye Schooley | May 21, 2020

XcelHR provides many benefits if you use its services. This PEO company offers assistance with payroll, employee benefits, risk management, and administrative tasks for companies of all sizes and in...