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By Skye Schooley, writer
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May 21, 2020
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Small businesses that partner with ADP TotalSource get top-of-the-line human resource services including payroll, compliance, risk management, employee benefits, training and development and great customer support. ADP provides personalized PEO services throughout all 50 states, and even offers international client service through their partnership with Globalization Partners. In addition to its fantastic customer service, ADP's benefits offering is ideal for any small business seeking outsourced HR services. Thanks to its impressive offering, ADP is a double winner, earning our best pick for customer service in our PEO category and for benefits in our human resources outsourcing (HRO) category. ADP is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ with the rating agency. It is also certified by the IRS and accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation. 

ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource

The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2020

The Verdict

ADP TotalSource offers a variety of HR, benefits and payroll services as well as extensive customer support resources. Among the PEOs we evaluated, ADP had the best customer service, and it is our pick as the best HRO benefits administrator.


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ADP TotalSource Pricing and Terms

Although ADP works with businesses of all sizes, small businesses need to have a minimum of five employees to be eligible for ADP TotalSource. ADP doesn't require long-term contracts, and it doesn't charge cancellation fees, but it asks that you provide 30 days' written notice to end services with the company. These minimums and cancellation requirements are standard requirements among the PEOs we reviewed. 

If you partner with ADP, you're primarily investing in a bundled PEO solution. This means that the basic PEO services are all included for one lump sum. Pricing isn't listed on the website, instead, you will have to contact an ADP representative to receive a customized quote. 

When we spoke with an ADP representative, we were informed that you have the option to purchase the following items for additional fees: 

  • Talent suite (a bundle of capabilities that include performance management, compensation management, applicant tracking, and advanced DataCloud benchmarks and data explorers for turnover and pay equity)
  • Workforce management and time and attendance
  • 401(k)
  • StandOut engagement
  • Partner apps from the ADP Marketplace 

ADP HRO Services

ADP offers HRO services, too, which often make sense for very small businesses looking for basic HR support. The agreement will take a different shape from your PEO service, but you'll be able to enjoy many of the same features, including payroll outsourcing, pay and tax administration, an online HR and payroll platform, and employee handbook creation. 

As a major HR provider in the U.S., ADP can fill almost any HR need your business has. The contract structure differs from its PEO offering because it doesn't require a co-employment model. This may add flexibility to your service, but you'll have to work directly with ADP to find the right HRO agreement for you and your business. 

One of the highlights of ADP's HRO offering is its benefits packages. As one of the largest HR support providers in the nation, ADP has solid benefit options for small businesses. Its platform has intuitive and simple dashboards where you can view your benefits, make adjustments and handle all your related services. 

ADP TotalSource PEO Features

ADP TotalSource has a full-fledged PEO, with comprehensive solutions in payroll, benefits, HR management and training. Its PEO services include the following: 

HR Services

ADP TotalSource includes services like HR management software, ACA documentation and compliance, handbook development, recruiting and onboarding, productivity monitoring and assessments, employee termination and dispute assistance, and state and federal labor law compliance.

Employee Benefits

TotalSource offers Fortune 500-level benefits packages, including 401(k) plans, employee wellness programs, medical, dental and vision insurance, and more. One factor unique to ADP is its size – TotalSource houses more than half a million employees under its umbrella. The size of the organization, combined with ADP's conservative approach to bringing businesses on board, means that benefit rates should stabilize across all offerings.

Payroll and Taxes

TotalSource provides payroll processing software, a mobile app for time management and custom payroll reporting. It can handle state and federal tax compliance issues, and help you track paid time off, sick leave, and other payroll processing features.

Risk and Compliance

This PEO offers regulatory compliance on all major safety, health and employment laws. It provides OSHA reporting and compliance, workers' compensation insurance and claims specialists. ADP partners also have access to risk training and materials to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Training and Development

ADP provides the standard training resources associated with a PEO. It can provide onsite inspection and safety training, as well as online courses for HR topics like conflict management, and coordinates with you on what types of sessions your business needs most. Because of the size of ADP TotalSource and its services, it can likely support all your training needs. It provides both in-person and online training. 

Pros of ADP TotalSource

ADP is a very large and reliable company, allowing you to get the level of coverage and support you need. ADP TotalSource can provide PEO services throughout all 50 states. ADP has a mobile app that users can access to manage their HR services on the go. Many smaller PEOs lack full coverage and accessibility, which can be challenging for businesses that operate in many states throughout the U.S. 

ADP also provides exceptional customer service. Each TotalSource client receives a dedicated ADP team to help with any questions, and backup support is available upon request. ADP TotalSource support can be reached by phone and chatbot. Each ADP client is treated with care, which is essential for small businesses. A PEO with great customer service can make a major difference to you and your team. 

Cons of ADP

TotalSource There is a five-person employee minimum required to sign up with ADP TotalSource. Although an employee minimum is somewhat common for most PEOs, it can be inconvenient for very small businesses with just a couple of employees. This minor drawback only impacts those with less than five employees. 

Another drawback to using ADP TotalSource is its lack of pricing information online. Since ADP provides custom quotes, they don't list pricing on the website. They bundle their PEO features, with a few services offered for additional pricing, but we were not able to find those prices listed online. While this is not a major drawback, it can be inconvenient for those who want an upfront idea of how much they can expect to spend on a PEO. 

Customer Service

Despite ADP's size, its customer service was stellar. Representatives readily answered our questions and were not pushy or rude. ADP provides a full-service team to its customers, in addition to experts in each specific area (HR, benefits, payroll, etc.). Like many PEOs we evaluated, ADP provides a point person to facilitate your services and provide you with HR support. The difference is that ADP's point person is certified by the Society for Human Resources Management, meaning your business can utilize the knowledge and support of a verified HR expert. 

When evaluating ADP TotalSource, we spoke with the company's representatives over email, live chat and the phone. In all instances, ADP's sales team went above and beyond our customer service expectations. They provided solid information and advice about the services and additional details based on business needs. This level of attention from a company as big as ADP signals the value of this organization's services. It's also why ADP earned our pick for the PEO with the best customer service. ADP is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ rating. It is also certified by the IRS and accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation, which means that it has undergone and passed rigorous scrutiny and evaluation. 

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ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource

The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2020

The Verdict

ADP TotalSource offers a variety of HR, benefits and payroll services as well as extensive customer support resources. Among the PEOs we evaluated, ADP had the best customer service, and it is our pick as the best HRO benefits administrator.

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