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Frederick Taylor's theory of scientific management developed techniques for improving the efficiency of the work process. Based on ...

Frederick Taylor's theory of scientific management developed techniques for improving the efficiency of the work process. Based on a systematic study of people, tasks and work behavior, Taylor's theory broke the work process down into the smallest possible units, or sub-tasks, in an effort to determine the most efficient method possible for completing a particular job.

Taylor's method consisted of testing the completion of various tasks to determine the optimal amount of work that could be accomplished within a certain time period. Taylor's management theory asserts that organizations should identify the best way to do a job, train workers to handle each element in a pre-determined manner (instead of basing their work on their own personal discretion) and set up an equitable system of rewards for improved productivity. Taylor's theory brought numerous improvements to organizational management during a period when an autocratic management style was the norm. Some developments that resulted from the Taylor theory of management are these:

1. Significantly improved productivity;

2. Increased employee incentive;

3. Widespread improvements in quality control;

4. Better personnel practices; and

5. Greater cooperation between management and workers with a consistent application of Taylor s theory of management.

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Gain a thorough understanding of Taylor's management theory

Numerous websites provide valuable information about Taylor's theory. In addition to diagrams and summaries of Taylor's principles, you'll find various slide shows and other instructional materials that can help you develop the knowledge and expertise to adapt Taylor's management theory to the needs of your company.

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Take advantage of consulting services based on Frederick Taylor's management theory

Consultants with knowledge and experience in the management theory of Frederick Taylor can guide you in maximizing the benefit of his scientific management principles in your own company's unique environment. I Recommend: Originally built on Taylor scientific management theory, PA Consulting Group provides guidance in a number of areas of business operation that Taylor considered critical, including operational efficiency and process transformation. First Order Consulting focuses on such areas as leadership, task management, employee motivation and efficiency--all areas addressed by Taylor's scientific management theory.

Access online tools to help you put Taylor's theory into practice

Widely available online tools and resources can help you more easily implement Taylor's theory of management. Websites offering quizzes and checklists, along with other Taylor-based products, information and services let you choose the resources most valuable to your business.

  • Be sure to take advantage of as many online tools and resources as possible to develop a clear understanding of the value that Frederick Taylor management theory can have for your company.

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