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The Best Passive Aggressive Office Fridge Notes of All Time

By Morgan Quinn
Business.com / Human Resources / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Sometimes sharing an office fridge is like having a lot of roommates with bad habits. These office fridge notes tell it like it is.

Is there a more contentious office culture issue than refrigerator etiquette? Sharing a refrigerator with coworkers can feel fairly reminiscent of that bad roommate you had after college who would drink right out of the milk carton, leave ice trays empty in the freezer, and seemed to follow a “no name, fair game” policy.

Except instead of dealing with one Pizza Pocket pilfering, coffee creamer consuming bad seed, you might have a dozen to deal with. Or more.

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Fighting bad office fridge culture is an uphill battle, but you do have options. There are some common sense guidelines you can try to enforce, like not eating foods that don’t belong to you, throwing food out when it goes bad, and leaving foods with strong odors at home (seems like a no-brainer, right?).

If all else fails, a good old-fashioned passive aggressive note might be what you need to nip bad office fridge behavior in the bud. And if that doesn’t work, at least you’ve provided your office mates with some much-needed entertainment.

We’ve curated a collection of the best passive aggressive office fridge notes (ok, they are pretty much aggressive aggressive) to inspire you next time your salad dressing goes MIA.

I hope they were delicious. 

 Who does that??? Seriously.

 Well played, well played.

 Jim's voice did seem a little high this morning.

 I'm not going to lie: getting pooped on by a unicorn sounds kind of awesome. And glittery.

 This is why we can't have nice things.

 That really depends on where you ordered from.

 Stealing soup? That's an all-time low. 

 That's kind of what you get for bringing pie to work. Just sayin'.

You have to appreciate the effort put into this apology.

 Someone's stocking is going to be empty this year. 

Just leave the money and walk away. Slowly. With your back to the wall.

The fridge has had enough, you guys. For reals.

Do you have an awesome passive aggressive fridge note you want to share with us? Drop us an email at social@business.com!


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