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Fattmerchant Review

Lori Fairbanks
Lori Fairbanks

Fattmerchant is a Florida-based company that has been in business for five years. It offers credit card processing solutions to small businesses in many industries, including retail and e-commerce, spa and fitness, food and beverage, and professional services such as healthcare and legal services. It can be used to accept payments at a brick-and-mortar location, on the go and online.



The Best Credit Card Processors of 2020

The Verdict

We chose Fattmerchant as the credit card processor with the best rates because its transaction rates are some of the lowest. Its monthly membership fee is higher than others, but it also has a higher cap on the transactions you can process each month.

We selected Fattmerchant as the credit card processor with the best rates because it doesn't charge a markup percentage and has some of the lowest per-transaction fees for a processor with membership-based wholesale pricing. Although its monthly fee is higher than its competitors', it also has a higher cap on the dollar value you can process each month, making it the best value for high-volume merchants that prefer this pricing model.


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Pricing and Terms

Fattmerchant is very transparent with its pricing. It posts its rates and fees on its website, as well as information about its contract, including a link to its terms and conditions. However, it doesn't post equipment prices on its website, so you'll need to call the company for that information.

Two subscription levels are available from this company. One is for businesses processing less than $500,000 annually, and the other is for businesses processing more than that. The representative we spoke with said that the company prefers to work with businesses that process at least $7,000 per month, as this is the point at which Fattmerchant can save you enough money in processing fees to justify the expense of the monthly fee. This pricing model is best for high-volume businesses, as the more you process, the more you save on overall processing costs.


Fattmerchant doesn't charge a percentage markup above interchange rates. Instead, it charges a per-transaction fee, which is 6 to 15 cents per transaction, depending on the service plan you choose. These rates are among the best, but the membership fee is expensive if your monthly processing volume is low. There's no limit on the number of transactions you can process each month, although you're bumped up to the Enterprise platform if you process more than $500,000 annually. Here's how Fattmerchant's pricing works:

The Fattmerchant Starter Platform plan is for businesses that process up to $500,000 annually.

  • There is a $99 monthly subscription fee per acceptance method (such as a terminal, mobile card reader or online solution).
  • Cards accepted in person using an EMV credit card terminal cost 0% + $0.08 per transaction above interchange.
  • Cards accepted in person using a mobile credit card reader or online using a shopping cart, API or the virtual terminal cost 0% + $0.15 per transaction above interchange.

The Starter Platform doesn't include integrated analytics reports, but you can add it to your plan for an extra $20 per month. Other features that aren't included in this plan that come with the Enterprise Platform are the account updater for cards on file, data breach protection and tokenization, and a dedicated customer success manager.

The Fattmerchant Enterprise Platform plan is for businesses that process more than $5,000,000 annually.

  • There is a $199 monthly subscription fee per acceptance method.
  • Cards accepted in person using an EMV terminal cost 0% + $0.06 per transaction above interchange.
  • Cards accepted in person using a mobile card reader or online using a shopping cart or API cost 0% + $0.12 per transaction above interchange.
  • Cards accepted using the virtual terminal cost 0% + $0.15 per transaction above interchange.


The only regular fee you'll pay when you use Fattmerchant for your credit card processing is the monthly membership fee. However, you need to know that it only includes one acceptance method (such as an EMV chip card terminal, mobile credit card reader or online shopping cart). For example, if you want to accept credit cards at a physical location and online, you'd pay two monthly fees.

The exception is the mobile plan, which includes the virtual terminal. This option gives you the most flexibility in accepting payments, as you can use it at a physical location or on the go using a tablet or phone, and you can email invoices and accept payments over the phone using the virtual terminal. However, if you need multiple acceptance solutions, be sure to call the company and discuss it with an account representative, who may be able to arrange a discounted monthly subscription fee for you.

Here's a list of fees you won't pay when you use Fattmerchant as your credit card processing company:

  • No application or setup fee
  • No monthly minimum processing requirement
  • No payment gateway setup fee
  • No monthly payment gateway fee
  • No annual fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • No early cancellation or account closure fee

Other Fees

If a customer initiates a chargeback by disputing a charge and requesting their money back, you pay a $25 chargeback fee. There's also a $19.95 monthly PCI noncompliance fee if you fail to establish compliance within three months of opening your account. You can avoid this fee by completing your self-assessment questionnaire after your account is set up and each year thereafter. 

The company offers add-on services, but the prices aren't disclosed on the company's website. You'll need to call the company and speak with a sales representative to find out how much they will cost to add to your account. These are some of the add-ons:

  • Same-day funding
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Advanced customization
  • Terminal protection plan
  • ACH transactions


Once you begin processing, the company can clear the account and deposit the money from your transactions into your business bank account next day, which is faster than the average two-day turnaround. Same-day funding is available, but as mentioned above, it costs extra.

Terms of Service

Fattmerchant provides its services on a month-to-month basis. There are no cancellation fees, so you can cancel your account at any time without penalty, but you must submit written notice of your intent to cancel 30 days in advance.

As you would with any credit card processing company, you'll want to read the application and contract before you sign anything so you can verify that the prices, fees and terms you're quoted are consistent with those in the contract.

The company posts the terms and conditions portion of its contract on its website, which is helpful, but you'll notice that it's the standard processing contract with the usual three-year, automatically renewing term that carries an early termination fee (the contract calls it an "early deconversion fee") with liquidated damages. For this reason, it's very important that you verify that the month-to-month terms with no cancellation fee are included on the application or that you receive a written waiver.


Fattmerchant sets you up with a merchant account, and with it you can accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit and debit cards. Here are some of the other features available from Fattmerchant.

Merchant Dashboard

This credit card processing company gives you access to an analytics dashboard that shows you at-a-glance sales data you can use to gauge how your business is doing. You can see your annual gross and net sales, month-over-month sales trends, the dollar value of an average sale, how many customers you've served and transactions you've processed over the past 30 days, and hourly sales activity. It also shows you how many of your customers are new or returning and calculates the lifetime value of your repeat customers.

Processing Equipment Options

If you already own a credit card terminal, Fattmerchant may be able to reprogram it for you so you can continue using it. Otherwise, you can purchase a terminal from Fattmerchant that accepts chip cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you need a mobile credit card reader, Fattmerchant sells one that connects via Bluetooth and is also EMV and NFC compliant. The company doesn't post its equipment pricing online, so you'll need to speak with a sales rep for a quote. For online merchants, Fattmerchant sets you up with an Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Virtual Terminal

You can choose the virtual terminal subscription or receive access to it as part of your mobile credit card processing subscription. You access the terminal through Fattmerchant's dashboard using any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. With it, you can manually key in credit card information to process a transaction, invoice your customers, schedule recurring payments, track inventory and issue receipts.


Fattmerchant integrates with multiple business applications so you don't have to manually enter your sales details into other systems. It also has an API available for businesses that want a custom solution. Here are some of the programs it integrates with:

  • QuickBooks Online accounting software
  • Customer relationship management software like Infusionsoft and Salesforce
  • E-commerce platforms and shopping carts such as BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce
  • POS systems, including Revel Systems, ShopKeep and Vend

Additional Considerations

Here's some other information about Fattmerchant to keep in mind as you search for the best credit card processing company for your business.

Application Process

As with most credit card processing companies, you'll want to apply for an account about two weeks before you need to begin accepting payments. Fattmerchant's application is online, and the rep we spoke with said it takes about five minutes to fill out. After you submit it, the company can review it and set up your merchant account within two days, which is standard for this industry.

As with most processors, you'll need to submit some basic information, such as your business license, Social Security number and tax ID. You'll also need to provide a voided check and previous processing statements if you're switching from another processor. After it approves your application, Fattmerchant ships your equipment, which takes four or five days to arrive. The equipment is plug-and-play, so you can begin processing as soon as you receive it.


Although there's no separate PCI compliance fee, you're still required to comply with PCI data security standards and complete the self-assessment questionnaire each year. Some businesses will also need to have quarterly vulnerability tests on their systems to maintain their compliance. Fattmerchant ensures that the equipment it sells you is PCI compliant. It's also EMV compliant so you can accept chip cards properly and avoid counterfeit fraud liability.

Customer Service

Fattmerchant has 24/7 phone support, and you can also contact the company via live chat, email or the form on the company's website. Businesses on the Enterprise plan work with a dedicated account manager.

In our experience, the company's customer service was excellent. When we called the processor, posing as a small business owner, the sales representative we spoke with was upfront about pricing and service terms, even about each acceptance method requiring a separate subscription fee. He was eager to work with us without being pushy and promptly followed up with us after the initial contact, providing us with a written pricing quote.

On the company's website, you can find a searchable knowledgebase that has articles and step-by-step instructions on topics such as product updates, chargebacks, PCI compliance, how to use various software features and technical support issues. The company also has a blog that it regularly updates with articles about payment processing and other topics of interest to small businesses.


Although Fattmerchant has some of the lowest rates we've seen, its monthly fee is high, so you'll need to determine whether you'll save enough on processing fees for it to be a good deal for your business. For example, if you process less than $7,000 per month, Fattmerchant doesn't recommend you use its services, as you won't be saving enough money in processing fees to offset the monthly fee.

Additionally, the monthly fee is per solution, which could get expensive if you accept credit cards multiple ways, such as using a credit card terminal at your brick-and-mortar location, using a mobile card reader and tablet at a trade show or event, and accepting online payments through your website. There are also add-on services that cost extra, and these prices aren't disclosed on Fattmerchant's website.

Finally, the terms and conditions document that Fattmerchant uses is a standard three-year processing contract with an early cancellation fee and liquidated damages clause, so you need to make sure the advertised month-to-month terms with no cancellation fee are stated on the application before you sign it.

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The Best Credit Card Processors of 2020

The Verdict

We chose Fattmerchant as the credit card processor with the best rates because its transaction rates are some of the lowest. Its monthly membership fee is higher than others, but it also has a higher cap on the transactions you can process each month.

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