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Updated Feb 21, 2023

Management Theory of Henry Gantt

Incorporate Gantt theory into your work schedules to boost productivity

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Chad Brooks, Managing Editor & Expert on Business Ownership
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Gantt charts, and their modern equivalent, program evaluation and review technique (PERT) charts are graphic management tools, providing visual methods of scheduling both time and resources for work projects.

Henry Gantt management theory incorporates the record of the work that has been done, balanced with the work that still needs to be completed.


According to Gantt theory, a Gantt chart is a bar chart showing the progression of time through the phases of a project. The charts can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the project manager and the team. As you are deciding on how to manage a project, consider the following:

1. The management theory of Henry Gantt dictates the use of both resources and time when evaluating projects. Considering this, how many people will be needed to complete the project?

2. Henry Gantt scientific management is a theory that incorporates benchmarks in a project as a way to complete the project efficiently. What are the milestones and their deadlines in your project?

3. How much time is needed to meet each of the milestone deadlines?


Explore Henry Gantt scientific management theory online solutions

There are multiple websites that offer interactive solutions to your management scheduling problems. Look for open source solutions, free tutorials, and blog discussions that support Henry Gantt management theory.

Train your staff to use project management solutions based on the management theory of Henry Gantt

Your staff will be much more productive once they understand how valuable a solution to business scheduling issues Gantt charts can be. There are online resources for free training on how to create and use Gantt charts.

Choose Gantt chart software that will meet your needs

There are multiple software solutions for creating Gantt charts, PERT charts, and other project management tools. Be sure to review several of the options before making your choice. Some programs are very complex and others may be too simple for your projects.

  • Project management doesn’t have to be rocket science. Management theories abound and can sometimes overwhelm. Take only what you need from the discussion, and create Gantt chart tools that will truly assist you in completing your projects on time and within budget. In other words, keep it simple for success.
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Chad Brooks, Managing Editor & Expert on Business Ownership
Chad Brooks is the author of "How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business," drawing from over a decade of experience to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in launching, scaling, and sustaining profitable ventures. With a focused dedication to entrepreneurship, he shares his passion for equipping small business owners with effective communication tools, such as unified communications systems, video conferencing solutions and conference call services. A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in journalism, Brooks has become a respected figure in the business landscape. His insightful contributions have been featured in publications like Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox Business, and Laptop Mag. Continuously staying abreast of evolving trends, Brooks collaborates closely with B2B firms, offering strategic counsel to navigate the dynamic terrain of modern business technology in an increasingly digital era.
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