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Q1 Reflections: Important Ways to Take Stock of the First Quarter
By Sean Peek | February 13, 2024

The most successful businesses set goals and review them quarterly. Find out why setting goals is important and how to evaluate your Q1 goals.

5 FreshBooks Alternatives
By Dachondra Cason | February 13, 2024

While FreshBooks is popular accounting software, others might work better for your company. Learn about some alternatives.

What Is a Merit Pay Increase?
By Julie Thompson | February 13, 2024

Merit increases can help boost productivity and retain valuable employees, but you need to know the benefits and pitfalls of the policy.

13 Simple Solutions for Tracking Your Industry’s Trends
By Jamie Johnson | February 13, 2024

Turn to several sources to learn about what's happening within your industry. Learn more to find the right solution for you.

Email Design Guide (With Examples)
By Rachelle Gordon | February 13, 2024

Email is a critical marketing tool. Discover how to design your own in this complete guide that includes best practices and campaign examples.

How to Do Payroll for a Small Business
By Matt D’Angelo | February 13, 2024

Learn how to run payroll for your small business's employees.

5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Predicts Your Success
By Blair Nicole Natasi | February 13, 2024

Learn the different ways high emotional intelligence can predict your success in the business world.

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The Best Time of the Year to Take Vacation
By Jennifer Post | February 12, 2024

Don't waste your time off. Plan to make the most of your vacation without leaving a disaster at work.

businessman talking on a phone in an office setting
What Is Supply Chain Distribution?
By Max Freedman | February 12, 2024

Supply chain distribution is used to balance supply and demand. Learn more about the importance of having a distribution plan for your business.

Comparing Candidates: Should You Hire Experienced Workers or Recent College Graduates?
By Skye Schooley | February 12, 2024

Why might hiring a recent college graduate be a better choice for your business than a seasoned professional? Here's a closer look at the options.

Brand Videos: How Much Do They Really Cost?
By Matt Byrom | February 12, 2024

Video content can help small businesses expand their reach and increase engagement. Here's how much it costs to make a brand video.

The Risks Associated With a Personal Guarantee
By Jennifer Post | February 12, 2024

Many small business loans require the business owner to sign a personal guarantee. Learn about the risks of personally guaranteeing a loan.

Back to Black: How to Combat a Decline in Sales
By Jennifer Post | February 12, 2024

How do you combat declines in sales when the economy is to blame? See how one business turned its sales around in two years.

How to Implement a Compressed Work Schedule
By Nicole Fallon | February 12, 2024

A compressed work schedule offers your employees additional days off without loss of income, benefits or productivity. Learn how to use it in your company.

How Dual Monitors Can Save You Time and Money
By Jennifer Post | February 12, 2024

With a dual-monitor workspace, you can boost your productivity and accomplish tasks in less time. Learn how to add a second monitor.

What Is Tail Insurance in Business?
By Kimberlee Leonard | February 09, 2024

Tail insurance is a policy endorsement that lets you file a claim after a policy's term ends. Learn how tail coverage can protect your business.

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Bambee vs. Gusto Comparison
By Skye Schooley | February 09, 2024

If you're seeking HR software or a human resources outsourcing (HRO) partner, see how Bambee and Gusto compare when it comes to pricing, services and more.

What Is an Insurance Rider in Business?
By Kimberlee Leonard | February 09, 2024

While standard business insurance policies protect your business, when extra coverage is needed, you'll obtain a rider. Learn how riders work.

Types of Cyber Risks Businesses Should Be Aware Of
By Mark Fairlie | February 09, 2024

Cyberattacks could lead to big financial losses and even civil or criminal penalties. Learn how your business can reduce the risks.

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What Services Can a PEO Provide for Your Small Business?
By Joshua Stowers | February 09, 2024

What services do PEOs typically offer, and how do they compare to handling them in-house? Learn about PEO HR and PEO health insurance.

Onboarding vs. Orientation: What’s the Difference?
By Sean Peek | February 08, 2024

Onboarding and orientation are processes HR departments undertake after hiring an employee. Learn what these processes entail and how to conduct both.

Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
By Skye Schooley | February 08, 2024

Learn how an employee assistance program can help employers and their employees, the requirements of an EAP, how to implement one and more.

How to Accept Mobile Payments via SMS
By Jennifer Dublino | February 08, 2024

Accepting customer payments by SMS text can be quick and secure. Learn how to start accepting SMS payments and why this feature can improve your business.

What Is a High-Risk Business Loan and What Industries Can It Help?
By Simone Johnson | February 08, 2024

If your company is considered too risky by traditional lenders, a high-risk business loan might offer financing options.

Best Pick
Best POS for Restaurants
By Quinn Springett | February 08, 2024

We've reviewed the best restaurant POS systems. See up-to-date comparisons on features and prices for the top POS systems for restaurants.

Everything You Need to Know About 7702 Plans
By Max Freedman | February 08, 2024

A 7702 plan, also called a Section 7702 plan, is a privately issued stand-alone life insurance policy. Learn how it differs from typical retirement plans.

Find Out Which Credit Card Payment App for Android Works Best for You
By Adam Uzialko | February 07, 2024

If you have an Android phone, an Android credit card payment app can help you accept mobile payments. Find the best credit card payment apps for Android.

Don’t Wait! Speed Up Your Checkout Lines With These 4 Tips
By Jennifer Dublino | February 07, 2024

POS systems can reduce checkout lines while helping you gather and maintain customer data. Learn how to speed up your checkout lines.

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Using Your Phone
By Simone Johnson | February 06, 2024

Learn how to accept credit card payments from your smartphone or tablet.