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How to find Food Wholesalers in USA?
QUESTION | BY Anonymous User | 3 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/10/20

How can I find contacts of wholesalers and grocery stores in USA, and what is the best way to get in touch with them? Is it preferred to contact them by phone calls, whatsapp, or E-mail Any other...

Achieving the Ideal Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship
BY Don Daszkowski

The franchisor-franchisee relationship is unique and takes effort from both sides. Here's what both parties can do to forge a successful partnership.

What Crises Can Teach Us About Leading Beyond Borders
BY Kevin Xu

Emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic have a way of highlighting our strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Here are six lessons in crisis management for global companies.

1099 vs. W-2: Which Type of Employee Should You Hire?
BY Dock David Treece

There are pros and cons to hiring both W-2 full-time employees and 1099 contractors. It is important to know what those are before you decide which way to go.

Can you manage your business in the middle of crisis?
QUESTION | BY Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa | 37 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/07/20

In the midst of economic breakdown, the last thing a company would need is a leader who easily succumbs to the pressure and forgets that he still has a business to manage. Can you please give some...

Small Business COVID-19 Diaries: Part 5
BY Adam Uzialko

COVID-19 upended economic activity and disrupted small business owners' lives. Here are stories from real entrepreneurs about how the novel coronavirus pandemic is impacting them.

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How do I build a two-sided online marketplace from scratch?
QUESTION | BY ashwin varghese | 10 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/04/20

I am a young entrepreneur, a really young one, and it's my dream to launch an online marketplace where small business owners can post their products for free and customers can search for products...

How Small Business Owners Can Support Black Entrepreneurs
BY Andrew Martins

Wondering how your business can support Black business owners? Here are some ideas and resources to help you get started.

How did you reopen during COVID-19?
QUESTION | BY Adam Uzialko | 3 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/02/20

For small business owners who were able to reopen after temporarily suspending (or pivoting) operations. What is your business and where is it located? When did you first close and/or pivot...

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How can I improve the productivity of workers?
QUESTION | BY Sushil Gupta | 3 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/02/20

I have started a civil contracting company in bahrain, 4 months ago. I have 27 years of working experience also in civil engineering as an engineer and construction manager. Now I am facing problem...

What is the process to set up a consulting business? What would be my least initial cost estimate?

My former company (Advanced Technology Group) wants to give me an opportunity to create more business for them in East County. ATG is a construction firm I used to Project Manage for. They would like...

3 Rebound Strategies to Help Your Business Overcome Crisis
BY Joy Gendusa

Despite huge losses due to the pandemic, my company is back to profitability after just five turbulent weeks. Here are some takeaways from our success.

What are some fun ways to motivate my team?
QUESTION | BY Kate Strickler | 28 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/29/20

I have a few remote, part-time workers. We don't have the opportunity to work together often and mostly connect over email. I am thinking I should try to set up a few team activities for us to...

How to Set Business Goals in a Pandemic
BY Rachel Krug

Learn why a business needs to set goals, what makes a good goal, and how to determine goals using the SMART framework.

What SMBs Need to Know About Electronic Logging Devices
BY Sean Peek

If you operate a small fleet, you may be required to adhere to new regulations.

Startups vs. Small Businesses: What Should You Build?
BY Jared Atchison

Understanding the differences between startups and small businesses will impact your success. Find out what the best type of business is for you.

What is your company policy for dating in the office?
QUESTION | BY Kayla Desmond | 22 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/24/20

I work for a corporate organization that frowns upon relationships within the workplace. I recently have met an amazing man through my work that I would like to continue seeing. I am also very happy...

7 Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Small Business During Quarantine
BY Mervik Haums

Businesses large and small are feeling the impact of this global pandemic. Here are seven strategies to strengthen your startup during times of economic uncertainty.

Preparing or Surviving: The Future of People-Focused Business Strategy
BY Philios Andreou

COVID-19 has disrupted businesses everywhere. Here are seven of the most pertinent trends faced by businesses worldwide and five steps leaders can take to move into the future seamlessly.

ATM Buying Guide
BY Matt D'Angelo

Consider these five things before deciding if your business should buy or rent an ATM.

3 Future-Readiness Ideas All Small Businesses Must Embrace
BY Ian Khan

There are several steps entrepreneurs can take to overcome disruptions while growing business from the ground up.

The Pros and Cons of a Payroll Card
BY Matt D'Angelo

Paycards are a growing trend among small businesses. Find out their pros and cons.

Best Pick
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Services of 2020
BY Andrew Martins

Our team of experts has compared the best GPS fleet tracking services for 2020. See up-to-date comparisons, reviews and costs for the top-rated services.

What's the Difference Between Exempt and Nonexempt Employees?
BY Skye Schooley

Learn the difference between exempt and nonexempt so you can properly classify your employees.

Tips for Dealing With Debt Collectors
BY Dawn Kuczwara

You want to meet your obligations while also protecting your business.

Does my business need a mobile app?
QUESTION | BY Jack Garrett | 12 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/21/20

As a business owner I wonder does my business need an app? I have a website but is it enough? My restaurant is quite profitable and I always look for development opportunities. Any ideas?

Do Small Businesses Pay Taxes?
BY Skye Schooley

Learn how small businesses are taxed and what tax breaks small business owners can take advantage of.

How do I write a business proposal to win over a new client?
QUESTION | BY King Solomon | 12 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/19/20

I am starting a moving company and I want to know how to write a proposal to submit to a construction company to be their major contact for moving and cleaning any of their newly constructed...

Where do you keep your customer list if you don't use a CRM software?
QUESTION | BY Anisia Allen | 11 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/17/20

I believe my business is still too small to spend money on implementing a CRM software. However, I have begun to accumulate several customers and I don't know where to keep their contact information....

How would you assess the potential for an online math tutorial business?

Hi everyone, the idea behind this is to target the need of students for tutorials in mathematics. The site will have notes on the topics and practice exercises. Additionally, the site will feature a...