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Discover the Unique Selling Proposition of Your Business
By Shane Barker | February 02, 2024

Without a unique selling proposition, you have nothing that distinguishes your company. Learn how to create an effective USP for your business.

5 Simple Ways to Pinpoint Your Brand’s Target Audience
By Chris Christoff | February 02, 2024

When you start a business, you need to understand your target market at a fundamental level. Here's exactly how to identify your audience.

Businesswoman on the phone
Would You Make It on ‘Shark Tank’? The Importance of Scalable Business Models
By Jamie Johnson | February 02, 2024

Scalability is a crucial factor in business growth and success. Learn the components of a scalable company and how to scale your business.

online customer
How to Set a Price for Your Service
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

Setting the proper prices for your services is one of the most crucial elements of business. Learn how to set fair and accurate prices for your services.

Entrepreneurs Love These 13 Tools for Conducting Market Research
By Miranda Fraraccio | February 02, 2024

Here are the best tools for conducting market research.

woman using a laptop
Common Mistakes That Can Lead to Product Failure
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

What pitfalls cause most products to fail? Learn about these common traps so you can avoid mistakes and a failed product launch.

The 4 Biggest Challenges of Starting a Business (and How to Overcome Them)
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

Starting a business is a difficult endeavor. Learn the biggest challenges that come with entrepreneurship and how to overcome them and find success.

5 Ways to Make Your Business’s Computing Eco-Friendly
By Julie Thompson | February 02, 2024

Learn five ways to improve your bottom line and create a more sustainable business environment by using practices such as cloud-based computing.

4 Reasons Why Texas Is a Hot State for Starting a Business
By Sean Peek | February 02, 2024

The heat and the sun aren't the only reasons Texas is a hot state. Check out why Texas is a fantastic state to start a business.

How Businesses Can Support Other Local Small Businesses
By Jennifer Post | January 30, 2024

You've asked your customers to buy local and you should too. Here's why your local B2B purchases have a positive ripple effect on the SMB community.

Why Every Business Owner Needs an Exit Strategy
By Mark Fairlie | January 29, 2024

You don’t go into business planning to get out — but you should. Find out why an exit strategy is important and why you need two strategies.

6 Key Strategies for Growing Your Construction Firm
By Jennifer Post | January 26, 2024

The future of construction looks good, especially for those in home, commercial or infrastructure. Here are six tips for success within the industry.

What Is Professional Negligence?
By Kimberlee Leonard | January 23, 2024

Professional negligence is when an industry professional doesn't properly fulfill their duties, leading to damage or harm. Learn how to avoid lawsuits.

What Is a Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment?
By Kimberlee Leonard | January 23, 2024

A cyber insurance risk assessment finds the systems and assets most at risk of cyberattack. Learn about cyber insurance and how risk assessments work.

20 Businesses You Can Start on the Cheap
By Donna Fuscaldo | January 22, 2024

You don't need a ton of cash to launch a business. Opportunities abound to become a business owner with less than $500. See business ideas and pro tips.

Why Your Business Needs Indemnity Insurance
By Mark Fairlie | January 22, 2024

A key component of an insurance policy is restitution for those who have a claim against you. Here’s how indemnity insurance provides that.

hand using a calculator and notebook
What’s a Healthy Level of Business Debt?
By Matt D’Angelo | January 18, 2024

Healthy business debt is often necessary for growth. Learn how to distinguish good and bad business debt and determine a healthy debt amount to carry.

What Are Insurance Endorsements?
By Nicole Urbanowicz | January 11, 2024

Insurance endorsements are a way to broaden or narrow coverage on an existing insurance policy. Here's how insurance endorsements work for your business.

Do Results-Only Workplaces Really Work?
By Sean Peek | January 11, 2024

Here’s everything you need to know about results-only work environments, and whether it’s right for your business.

What a Bill of Materials Is and Why You Need One
By Sean Peek | January 11, 2024

Whether you are making a toy or a rocket, a BOM helps you accurately manage and oversee resources and identify materials to reduce wasteful spending.

What Is General Liability Insurance?
By David Gargaro | January 11, 2024

If a third party gets hurt at your workplace, they can sue you. Here's how to protect your company.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Why Small Businesses Need EPLI
By Jamie Johnson | January 11, 2024

Employment practices liability insurance protects your business from past or current employee lawsuits. Here’s how EPLI works.

Is it Better to Buy or Lease a Car for Business?
By Max Freedman | January 11, 2024

Should you buy or lease the company car? Here are the pros and cons of each to help you weigh which is best for your needs.

Guide to the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process
By Max Freedman | January 09, 2024

Business owners should ensure their employees understand the workers' compensation claims process. Learn what's entailed and how the claims process works.

person using a calculator to do accounting
Hitting the Books: A Guide to Retail Accounting
By Jill Bowers | January 05, 2024

Learn about the methods of calculating and tracking inventory that are used in retail accounting.

How Virtual Reality Technology Is Changing Manufacturing
By Sean Peek | January 03, 2024

The manufacturing industry is changing as next-generation VR and AR become readily available.

The Road Map to Starting a Membership Site From Scratch
By Mark Thompson | January 03, 2024

A subscription site is easy to start and can offer big rewards. Follow these steps to build a loyal member base.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Business?
By Zac Johnson | January 03, 2024

While expenses to begin an online business vary, here are some common costs you can expect to see with your new venture.

Insurance Deductions and Expenses for Small Businesses
By Nicole Urbanowicz | January 03, 2024

Make sure to take all the deductions possible for your business insurance expenses. Here is how to stop paying too much in taxes.

10 Successful Businesses You Didn’t Know Were Run by Women
By Jennifer Dublino | January 03, 2024

Female entrepreneurs own 42 percent of American firms. Check out this list of women-led companies and some great resources for small business owners.