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Business Basics

5 Tips for Finding the Right Manufacturer

BY Lucas DiPietrantonio

Learn how to choose a manufacturing partner for your e-commerce business.

Ecommerce Delivery Times Are Getting Even Shorter

BY Michael Begg

Learn how order fulfillment has changed and what it might look like in the future.

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How do you manage to-do tasks at your company?

QUESTION | BY Josh Nicholson | 5 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/25/19

How you manage to-do items on your tasks/checklist? Please let me know if you manage the task checklist manually on writing pads or you use any to-do list apps.

How to Start an Online Business From Home

BY Ryan Ayers

It's essential to take the right steps to lay the foundation for small business success in the digital marketplace.

4 Ways Military Service Prepares You for Entrepreneurship

BY Stephen Bollinger

Learn how the habits and practices of the U.S. military hold lessons for every business owner.

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What goes into creating a good performance management plan?

QUESTION | BY Andrew Martins | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/22/19

When it comes to effectively gauging your employees' efficacy, what's your performance management process? What goes into writing a performance management plan? What do you look for in a performance...

My partner wants out, now what?


Hi! About five months ago, my husband and I started a cigar company and online business. We had an individual who wanted to buy in and bought 20% for $4,500. During this period, the businesses...

4 Ways to Reduce Your Business's Carbon Footprint

BY Michael Wood

Running a profitable business is hard. Running a profitable business that is carbon accountable is even harder. Here are four effective ways to help make your business more carbon accountable.

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How to Network for Business

BY Ibrahim Hanif

This article tackles how you can take pressure and awkwardness out of business networking while building goodwill for mutually beneficial opportunities.

What do I owe my partner that just left the company?

QUESTION | BY Matt Gilman | 21 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/21/19

I started an LLC. After a couple years of sputtering, I decided to get more serious about it, so I brought a partner on board. The idea was that this would always be a part time job that we did a...

What are the best POS systems for restaurants?

QUESTION | BY Charlie Ross | 18 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/20/19

I am looking for recommendations on the best POS system for restaurants. My restaurant will have 38 tables, mostly 4-tops. Which POS would your recommend and how many terminals would I need for...

10 Steps to Take Before Selling Your Business

BY Heather Baker

Follow these steps to make sure you get the most out of your business sale.

How do you promote your small business?

QUESTION | BY Ruth Hoffmann | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/19/19

I personally believe social networking for business is fun. You can share real-life stories, events, product benefits, user reviews, and so on and so forth. What methods do you guys use to promote...

20 Important Tips for Beta Testing Your Product or Service

BY Scott Gerber

Keep these crucial elements in mind when you're testing a prototype with a small group.

7 Habits of Incredibly Successful Business Leaders

BY Sesan Kareem

9lSuccessful business leaders have developed certain habits that distinguished them from the rest of the pack. These habits can be learned, developed and mastered. 2. Business is pretty risky but...

How do I create a business plan for a home salon?

QUESTION | BY Crystal Harvey | 5 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/19/19

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I am looking to open a salon out of my home. However, I am having issues with business planning. How do I go about creating a business plan?

What is the best promotional product you have given out or received, and why?

QUESTION | BY Troy Butterfield | 16 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/18/19

Most companies, when buying promotional products, purchase the cheapest item (i.e. pen, mug, shirt, etc.). What do you do when you receive a cheap item? Which ones have made the greatest brand...

How can we improve the collaboration and cooperation of several companies within a global network?

QUESTION | BY Viktoria Lauks | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/18/19

Hello! My company was found as an independent, however, now it is a member of an international network. Within this network, companies are still independent but can use common well-known brands...

The Ultimate Local Franchise Marketing Guide

BY Guy Sheetrit

Franchising is regarded as one of the most effective methods of expanding a business, with impressive success rates. However, underlying the successes of most franchises are marketing struggles...

How can I improve my oral english to help me better communicate with clients?


I am a foreign trade salesman in China and I generally communicate with my clients online. My English isn't good enough so I usually use Google translator to help communicate with English-speaking...