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Human Resources

The essential strategies, tactics, and tools you need to manage and grow your human capital.
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Sixty-one Percent of Workers are Seeking or Planning to Seek New Jobs
By Chad Brooks | July 31, 2023

Higher pay, better benefits, or improved work environment could entice 88 percent of these job seekers to stay with their current company

Resource Burn: 4 Things That Are Wasting Your Team’s Time
By Victor Snyder | July 25, 2023

Resource burn creates unnecessary costs and leads to errors and burnout. To help your team be more productive, cut out these inefficiencies.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training
By Miranda Fraraccio | July 24, 2023

Employee training is beneficial for business. Training attracts good employees and weeds out the bad. Here are our tips on employee training.

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5 Ways an Ergonomically Designed Workstation Can Improve Your Productivity
By Chad Brooks | July 19, 2023

Learn how workplace ergonomics can increase productivity and employee happiness.

Hiring Freelancers for Your Startup? Consider These Pros and Cons
By Skye Schooley | July 14, 2023

If you're considering hiring freelancers to help you grow your startup, here are a few pros and cons to remember.

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5 Feminine Traits That Make Leaders Great
By Julie Thompson | July 12, 2023

Women bring many soft skills to their leadership style. Learn how humility, empathy, resilience, persuasiveness and spirit can lead to business success.

Ted Lasso cast
Ted Lasso: Turn to Your Employees in Times Of Uncertainty
By Ali Saleh | July 10, 2023

Season 2 of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ depicts how business leaders can learn from their own team.

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Is a Four-Day Workweek Right for Your Business?
By Ali Saleh | July 10, 2023

It sounds extreme, but research is backing the four-day workweek.

Ted Lasso
Hire Internally Like Ted Lasso
By Ali Saleh | July 10, 2023

Why internal hiring is a winning play, as Apple TV+’s beloved soccer series demonstrates.

Shallow Pockets: Tips for Hiring Employees on a Limited Budget
By Skye Schooley | June 22, 2023

If your business has a small budget, you'll have to get creative when hiring. Try these strategies for recruiting and hiring top talent on a limited budget.

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Expand Internationally by Leveraging Local PEO Services
By Craig Dempsey | June 15, 2023

PEOs can handle your overseas human resources requirements through a co-employment model. Learn about the benefits of working with an international PEO.

Does Character Matter? The 3 C’s of Leadership
By Jennifer Dublino | June 06, 2023

Character, competence and communication are vital elements of leadership. Learn more about the three C's of leadership and more leadership characteristics.

How Informal Feedback Can Improve Employee Performance
By Skye Schooley | May 24, 2023

Every business leader should give their employees informal feedback. It can improve employee performance, company morale and team communication.

17 Things to Look for When Hiring Freelancers
By Miranda Fraraccio | May 23, 2023

Hiring the right freelancer for your company can be challenging. Learn how to evaluate freelancers' skills, experience and reliability before hiring them.

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The Management Theory of Max Weber
By Sean Peek | May 17, 2023

This bureaucratic management theory claims it can increase your business' efficiency. Here is how it works.

Severance Package Examples and Sample Severance Letters
By Adam Uzialko | May 17, 2023

Severance pay is sometimes paid out to an employee when they are terminated. Check out these free severance agreement templates and letters.

The Pros and Cons of a Payroll Card
By Julie Thompson | May 17, 2023

Should you offer employees the option of being paid via payroll card? Learn the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your company.

Employee Rights You’re Violating Right Now
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 17, 2023

Employers should understand employees' rights to avoid violating them. Learn about violations like discrimination, wage errors, sexual harassment and more.

10 Best Sites for Freelance Services
By Max Freedman | May 04, 2023

Business owners and freelancers can connect easily these days through the Internet. Here are 10 sites that help match independent contracts to jobs.

What Employee Info Can You Collect in Personnel Files?
By Skye Schooley | May 03, 2023

Learn which documents you should and shouldn't collect in employee personnel files.

The Legalities and Benefits of Employee Cellphone Monitoring
By Skye Schooley | May 02, 2023

Find out how to implement employee phone monitoring, the benefits of doing so and the legalities of "spying" on your workers.

How to Turn Change Management Into Personal Development
By Sean Peek | April 25, 2023

Work environments are continually changing, and a company can prepare its employees for that. Learn how to support your workers and create better teamwork.

6 Direct Deposit Alternatives
By Julie Thompson | April 25, 2023

While most employers offer direct deposit for paychecks, it's not helpful for employees without banking options. Learn some direct deposit alternatives.

Is Your Office Space Making You Depressed? 5 Ways Environment Affects Productivity
By Julie Thompson | April 13, 2023

Your office environment can cause stress and depression. Learn five ways to make your office space healthier and more effective.

5 Ways to Increase Business Productivity
By Sean Peek | April 13, 2023

Use these tools and approaches to boost productivity and efficiency in your office – and find out what to avoid.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Human Resources Department
By Skye Schooley | April 13, 2023

Should you hire an internal human resources department? Learn the pros and cons of having an HR department and how to go about hiring one.

How to Foster a Culture of Empowered Employees
By Sean Peek | April 10, 2023

Create a work culture that allows employees to understand how their contribution is meaningful. Here are tips to help empower your workers.

16 Questions to Ask Your Web Developer
By Mark Fairlie | April 10, 2023

When choosing a web developer, asking the right questions can help you find someone who understands your vision and can give you the website you want.

5 Tools for Tracking Your Remote Staff’s Productivity
By Skye Schooley | April 07, 2023

Need to keep a better eye on worker productivity? Here are five tools to tighten your employee tracking.

Why You Should Tell Your Employees You’re Monitoring Them
By Kiely Kuligowski | April 07, 2023

Employee monitoring can backfire if you hide it from your workers. Learn the reasons why you should tell your employees you're monitoring them.