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Best Android Apps for Construction

By Howard Wen
Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: September 13, 2017
Photo credit: Shutterstock/gpointstudio

Your Android smartphone or tablet can be an invaluable tool to have on a construction site, assuming you have the right apps. Here are six construction apps you should be using.

For construction work, smartphones and tablets can be more helpful than you might think. Beyond simply using these personal devices to take notes and photos while in the field, several apps can help you do more, like scheduling work and tracking issues, and collaborating with workers on all levels of a project.

Here we highlight the best apps for Android devices that are specifically targeted for this industry, including the highest rated, most popular and most currently updated.

Aconex Field

Aconex Field helps you document (by taking notes and photos) construction issues needing to be addressed before a building can pass official inspection. You enter a brief description of the issue, snap a photo of it, then identify where it’s located in the building, who’s assigned to fix it, and the deadline. You can do an inspection on an issue using a predefined checklist. A QR code can be printed and taped to a wall by the issue, so that you can scan this code to bring up its status.

Build & Construction ZA

This is a visual directory of suppliers for the heavy-duty construction biz. You can browse companies that supply materials and equipment directly to contractors, like cement and concrete, cranes and earthmovers. You don't directly order items through this app. As its developer describes, Build & Construction ZA is a discovery tool. For example, it could be helpful for looking up suppliers that are conveniently located near your work site.

Contractor Estimate & Invoice

With Contractor Estimate & Invoice, you can create job estimates as you’re on-site and email them to your client or print them. You can also create, email and print invoices. These electronic estimates and invoices can be customized with your company logo. Clients can digitally sign work contracts on this app. Contractor Estimate & Invoice keeps tabs on a client’s payment status for your completed work. All of this paperwork can be exported to bookkeeping software.

Fieldwire - Construction

Fieldwire helps you track the progress of construction jobs, including keeping tabs on workers, issuing schedules, and sharing blueprints and photos. Fieldwire seamlessly combines several tools: a blueprint viewer includes a drawing tool you can use to mark up your plans with notes and revisions. The gallery stores your photos you take on-site to document progress, and a photo can be linked to a blueprint or task. Real-time collaboration lets you share documents and images with other members of the construction team. You use the task manager to schedule work and track construction and safety issues. Of all the apps featured here, Fieldwire is the must-have in this category.

PlanGrid - for Construction

If you only need a good app for viewing blueprints and don’t require additional features that Fieldwire has, take a look at PlanGrid. You can store other documents, like building materials, linking them to your blueprints, inspection reports and work schedules. Using its drawing tools, you can mark blueprints with doodles and notes. Another tool helps you track specific construction issues that must be addressed; it lists the status of the issue, the date when it should be fixed, and who’s in charge of it.

Safety Meeting App

For complying with OSHA rules, the Safety Meeting App helps you and your workers review safety regulations and document the meetings. You open a new meeting in the app, select the date and time when the meeting starts, enter the names of people attending, choose from one of 950 safety topics, and discuss this topic as everyone analyzes the documentation. Details of the meeting can be saved to PDF for printing.

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