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Should You Pick the Cheapest Payroll Service?

BY Simone R. Johnson

If you're a budding business owner, you may need an affordable payroll service, but is it wise to choose the cheapest one you can find?

What type of credit card processing would be the best option for a rural/seasonal country club?


We are a small community with a population of ~1500 residents. We are a non profit club and want to be able to still offer affordable services to our members/guests.

Accounting and Cashflow Management Tips for Small Business

BY Anand Srivastava

Starting a business isn't easy, but running it amidst the existing competition is even more difficult if proper accounting strategies aren't followed. In this article, we talk about the best possible...

How to Know an Investor Is Offering You a Good Deal

BY Adam C. Uzialko

Finding a business investor is tough. But once you do, how can you be sure you're really getting a good investment deal?

What do you look for in an investment deal?

QUESTION | BY Adam Uzialko | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/23/20

Securing funding can be a challenge, so it can be tempting to jump at the first offer. But how can you tell a good investment deal from a bad one? What are the things you should look for in a...

How Much Do Payroll Services Cost?

BY Simone R. Johnson

Find out how much it costs to use a payroll company and how it compares to having a CPA run payroll for you.

Do I need quickbooks?

QUESTION | BY Mike Seaman | 26 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/22/20

Or is excel enough for generating simple invoices and basic accounting?

Are You Eligible for the Qualified Business Income Deduction?

BY Dennis O’Keefe

Taking advantage of this new tax deduction could save pass-through business owners a significant amount of money each year.

What Is a High-Risk Business Loan, and What Industries Can It Help?

BY Skye Schooley

Learn about high-risk business loans and potential financing alternatives.

Have you ever received a hard money loan?

QUESTION | BY Adam Uzialko | 0 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/21/20

If you've received a hard money loan, would like to hear about your experience. Why did you seek out a hard money loan? Did it serve the purpose you hoped it would? Was a hard...

How to Allow Unit Economics to Skyrocket (Not Sink) Your Startup

BY Dev Garg

Unit economics is part of your strategic plan that you can't afford to ignore. We cover how you can run basic unit economics and avoid mistakes many startups make.

27 Side Hustle Ideas That Will Work in 2020

BY Bruce Hakutizwi

With the gig economy in full swing, there's never been a better time to start your own side hustle. Discover 27 ideas that could generate some extra income.

Everything Employers Should Know About Payroll Withholding

BY Simone R. Johnson

Learn what payroll withholding is and what it means for your small business's payroll process.

What is the best solution for a payment gateway for startups?


I am looking for a payment gateway for accepting international payments, especially finding high risk business such as Remote Technical support. My company is based out of India.

What is the easiest accounting software to learn when just starting out?

QUESTION | BY Brett Strickler | 31 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/19/20

I know a lot of people use Quickbooks. Is this the best accounting software for new businesses? Is there something else easier, more cost effective or should I go with what seems to be widely used?

How can we obtain funding for our solar power business idea?


We want to build a solar power on a 50 hectares farm, we already have the land. We want to solve for our country, South Africa, experiencing issues with load shedding due to areas in the country not...

The Best Construction Estimating Software of 2020

BY Joshua Stowers

Looking for the best construction software? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews, and feature comparisons of the best and cheapest programs.

Do I need to charge/pay sales tax or VAT when my LLC gets donations?


I was wondering whether I need to pay any form of sales tax or VAT (or similar taxes in other countries different from the US or EU) when someone makes a contribution. My LLC is a normal...

Are PEO Payroll Services Worth It?

BY Joshua Stowers

When you need help with your payroll, should you hire a payroll service or a PEO?

Why You Should Consider Investing in a Co-Working Space

BY Chris Porteous

Coworking spaces are increasingly popular. Find out why you should consider investing in one.